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Tours to Edam from Amsterdam

If there is a cheese-lover among you then you are surely familiar with the outstanding Edam cheese. A little trip to the town of Edam followed by a cheese tasting at a local farm is something you simply can't skip when in Amsterdam. To get informed about the possible tours check out our short but sweet guide.

6h 30m
40.00 €
(Per person)

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299.00 €
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Cheese-lover Tours - Visiting Edam from Amsterdam

Cheese-lover Tours - Visiting Edam from Amsterdam
Many often fantasize of a laid back day in the countryside filled with pure hedonism. You can get such an experience if you decide to take a tour of the countryside north of the lively and hectic Amsterdam. The main intention is to present one of the finest Dutch products- the Edam cheese. The town of Edam situated in the North Holland province is rich with 17th-century architecture. Most important exhibits of this historical period found here are the Carillon tower, the Great Church and the town hall. The town has been the home of many cheese-makers for hundreds of years, and tour-participants have the opportunity to try this famous specialty from the local farmers.

The tours usually don't finish in Edam, you can experience more of the region by continuing to Volendam. It is a fisherman village offering picture-perfect vistas and lively historic center where you may encounter locals dressed in traditional Dutch clothing. Moreover, it is a perfect place to equip yourself with some handmade souvenirs, a pair of Dutch clogs will absolutely be a good reminder of the trip in the times to come. Those wanting to experience the Dutch countryside differently can perhaps join in on a bike tour and cycle by the Zaan Schanse village and its open-air museums displaying the exceptional windmills. If you think about it, the Dutch people have a very developed cycling culture and this kind of day trip can be a perfect way to come closer with their way of life.

The tours can be either half-day or full day, depending on your wishes but when you are already there, it is best to make the most of the trip and see as much as possible. But make sure you bring comfortable walking shoes in order to make this adventure a pleasant one.

Being in nature is always a very refreshing experience no matter the country, therefore, you are invited to soak up the beauty of the rolling hills, flower beds, and villages of northern Netherlands. What better time to do this little adventure than when in Amsterdam?
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