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If you want to venture off to another, romantic world, the village of Giethoorn, so-called the Dutch Venice is a place for you. In order to inform yourself better about this national treasure, we suggest you read our short guide.

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Dutch Venice - Tours to Giethoorn from Amsterdam

Dutch Venice - Tours to Giethoorn from Amsterdam
One can often find gems hidden off across the countryside of any country, and the Netherlands is no different. A short drive from the amazing Amsterdam we discover the picturesque and tranquil village built on the canals- Giethoorn. It can be described as Dutch and only two possible means of transport are either your feet or boats which operate on the canals. The name itself originates from many goat heads that were found there as a result of a terrible flood back in 10th century. If a list of to-do things in Giethoorn should be made then a boat cruise is the obvious first choice. With a local skipper, one can get a better view of the adorable houses and wooden bridges which are the reason for the celebrated reputation of this place. But be warned, these boat rides can get overbooked very fast so it is best to look for a tour that has the boat cruise included and planned out in advance. Also, another great option would be to visit the “Het Olde Maat Uus” Museum where you can get a sense of what village life used to be in that area about a century ago.

To wrap up the tour of this enchanted place take a coffee break in one of the bars overlooking the canals. It should be noted that the drive to the location is a wonder itself as you pass by the famous polders, these are basically fields which were made by drying up the sea so the country can have more land and hold back the floods. These landmarks are mostly associated with the Netherlands but are also made elsewhere in Europe.

What more can be added to this plethora of amazing sights? it is best you check it out yourself as we might have missed something. To conclude, we invite you to experience the beauty behind the postcard and join in on a full-day tour.
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