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Tours to The Hague from Amsterdam

If you find yourself in the beautiful Amsterdam we suggest you take a day tour to the very important and cultural city of Hague. To learn about the government buildings and museums found there, check out our short guide on visiting Hague from Amasterdam.

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Day Tours from Amsterdam to The Hague – The Governmental Seat

Day Tours from Amsterdam to The Hague – The Governmental Seat
Being in the wonderful Amsterdam and exploring its grid of canals is really something, but the Netherlands is a country that has a lot more to offer. The Hague, a city which is both the governmental seat and the home of the Dutch royal family, can easily be reached with several day tour options. When there, first on the list is the so-called Binnenhof or the inner court. Here you will see all the beautiful historic buildings which are now used by the Ministry of General Affairs as well as the office of the Prime Minister of the Netherlands. The Binnenhof is situated near the Hofvijver Lake. A view of the historic center across this lake is really a sight to admire. It is obviously an important city, but let us add it is also a home of most foreign embassies in the Netherlands and it is where the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court are located.

After the city tour, we suggest you visit Madurodam, a miniature village which holds models of many famous buildings. This allows you to see many wonders of the world without actually making the trips there, or at least it can serve as a preview of what awaits you once you finally go. If the architecture of the city is not enough to take your breath away, those wanting to marvel the amazing works from the Dutch Golden Age can check out the Mauritshuis museum, home to many famous paintings. Please note that as The Hague can be quite a busy place, taking in to account both tourists and the everyday life of the community, smaller groups are advised.

Another stop to be considered on your tour is unquestionably the harbor city of Rotterdam. Some say it is the new Amsterdam, and our response to that is a suggestion to cruise its harbors, then you can decide for yourself. Smaller crowds than in Amsterdam are guaranteed. Last but not least, nearby we find Kinderdijk, a small village under the protection of UNESCO. Here you can see 19 authentic windmills which have become the Dutch trademark.

No doubt, The Hague is a city very well-known and often mentioned in the media because of its political importance. We recommend you go and see it from a different perspective. Upon your return, you will surely have even more respect for it and be astonished by its beautiful architecture and culture treasures kept in its museums.
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