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Tours to Volendam from Amsterdam

Even though Amsterdam is an amazing city with many attractions trying to capture your attention, sometimes it is best to relax in the countryside. Volendam, a fisherman village in the north is a charming place offering a day oasis on the seaside. If you would like to know more about you tour options in the north of Netherlands check out our short guide.

199.00 €
(Per person)

Amsterdam Small Group Day Trip to Keukenhof Flowerfields, Volendam & Windmills

See all that is typical Dutch on a full day tour from Amsterdam. Enjoy the beauty of tuli,... Read more

6h 30m
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(Per person)

Volendam, Edam and Windmills Tour from Amsterdam

Join us on a 5 hour bus tour from Amsterdam, which highlights everything typical Dutch. S.... Read more

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(Per group)

Marken, Volendam & Edam: Private Full Day Bike Tour from Amsterdam

Discover the countryside North of Amsterdam on your bike! First step of this tour is to c.... Read more

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Day Trips to Volendam from Amsterdam

Day Trips to Volendam from Amsterdam
Amsterdam is surely the most visited and famous city in the Netherlands, less-known is its countryside up north offering breathtaking landscapes. Furthermore, it is here that you will get the chance to see the iconic Dutch windmills. A small fishing village of Volendam is by far the most popular place there and it has been winning over people’s hearts since 1875. with its unique charm. Visitors are smitten by its lovely small houses, harbor, and locals dressed in traditional Dutch clothes. It seems as if time has stopped up here. This fairy-tale like village will certainly push you into spending some euros because there are so many amazing souvenir shops that it will be difficult to resist getting a little something for your loved ones back home.

The Dutch people have another two excellent products to brag about- their clogs and the Edam cheese. The tours on offer usually include taking its participants to witness the wooden shoe making process at one of the local craft shops. All of this sightseeing can surely make people hungry, so the tour continues to Edam. Here you will be taken to a cheese tasting, a paradise for the ever-enlarging group of cheese lovers.

We have saved the best for the end, those bravest among you can decide for a bike tour rather than the usual bus one from Amsterdam! This option is undoubtedly challenging but if you are a bike enthusiast and are one of those who cycles everywhere, either to the supermarket or to the workplace, we can't think of better way for you to verify your skill, than by cycling around the countryside and seeing all of its glory. Moreover, it is not just a tireless wheel spinning because a boat ride to the adorable island of Marken is included.

The list of things you might see when wandering around the northern Netherlands is a long one. We believe it is valuable to set a day aside to make the trip and see all the above-mentioned places. Views like from a postcard will just keep opening in front of your eyes and you will get to know the Dutch culture up close.
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