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If you would really like to know Amsterdam inside out, taking a tour of the city or an excursion outside the city is the best way to go. Read our guide top recommended tours & activities when visiting Amsterdam.

299.00 €
(Per group)

Marken, Volendam & Edam: Private Full Day Bike Tour from Amsterdam

Discover the countryside North of Amsterdam on your bike! First step of this tour is to c.... Read more

1h 30m
375.00 €
(Per group)

Enjoy Burger and Beer Amsterdam Canal Cruise

Join us on a 90 minutes cruise along the canals of Amsterdam. Your private skipper will p!... Read more

1h 30m
400.00 €
(Per group)

Experience Amsterdam: Electric Beer Bike Tour

Have fun and see the best of the town at the same time on our electric beer bike tour. Jo!... Read more

1h 30m
425.00 €
(Per group)

Amsterdam 1.5-Hour Canal Cruise + Pizza

Join us on a 1.5-hour tour and let your private skipper take you through the canals of am.... Read more

500.00 €
(Per group)

Delicious Barbecue Canal Cruise of Amsterdam

Enjoy a delicious barbecue while cruising along the beautiful canals of Amsterdam. Your p!... Read more

1h 30m
300.00 €
(Per group)

Amsterdam 90 Minutes Beer Boat Tour

The beer boat canal cruise is great for those who want to combine the party and sightseei.... Read more

1h 30m
300.00 €
(Per group)

Amsterdam: Prosecco Canal Cruise Tour

Enjoy in a 1.5-hour cruise through the canals of Amsterdam in a electrically powered boat!... Read more

1h 30m
400.00 €
(Per group)

Amsterdam: Beer & Bubbles Electric Bike Tour

Join us on a 1.5-hour electric bike tour, have fun and see the best hotspots in the city !... Read more

1h 30m
350.00 €
(Per group)

Enjoy Amsterdam Canal Cruise with Drinks & Bites

This tour is great opportunity to see the best parts of Amsterdam while enjoying in a rel!... Read more

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Top Tours & Activities when visiting Amsterdam

The Netherlands is an amazing country full of history and tradition. The capital city Amsterdam leads the way in taking the country to the future. The whole country is experiencing more and more tourist arrivals each year and people really do fall in love with the country.
When we create this “top things to do” lists we usually try to keep them within 10 things but in Amsterdam we had to make an exception!
Here is our list of the top things to visit while staying in Amsterdam:
Take a Walking Tour of Amsterdam

1. Take a Walking Tour of Amsterdam

Amsterdam is full of interesting sites but more importantly full of interesting stories and historical facts that you might miss if you explore the city on your own. If you would like to hear more about what makes this city so amazing we recommend joining one of several available walking tours of Amsterdam. View all Amsterdam walking tours.


2. Kinderdijk

Kinderdijk is the best know tourist attraction of the Netherlands and it’s an icon of the country. It is a village consisting of the largest contraction of windmills (19) in the Netherlands build to drain the area of water for farming purposes.
View all tours to Kinderdijk from Amsterdam


3. Rotterdam

Rotterdam is the second largest city in the Netherlands and due to its strategic location and the history of building extensive road, rail and waterway networks earned the nickname “Gateway to Europe". Consequently it harbors lots of history of the whole world.
View all tours to Rotterdam from Amsterdam

Bike tour

4. Bike tour

Amsterdam is very proud of its bike friendly streets and lots of locals navigate the city by bike. Why not try it yourself and have fun pedaling while exploring the city.
View all bike tours in Amsterdam

Zaanse Schans

5. Zaanse Schans

Zaanse Schans is a neighborhood of Zaandam, a small city in the Netherlands. Zaanse Schans is a very popular tourist attraction due to its well preserved historic windmills and houses. The neighborhood also contains 7 different museums dedicated to different aspects of the traditions of the Netherlands.
View all tours to Zaanse Schans from Amsterdam


6. Hague

Considering all the institutions that are in Hague, this should be the capital of Netherlands: the government, parliament, the Supreme Court and the Council of state. Hague is also the third biggest city of the Netherlands.
View all tours to Hague from Amsterdam


7. Giethoorn

Giethoorn is a small very picturesque village in the Netherlands mostly popular because it is mostly a pedestrian only village and most of the transportation is done by water over many canals. Due to this setting it got the nickname “Venice of the North”.
View all tours to Giethoorn from Amsterdam


8. Bruges

Bruges is a very popular city in Belgium for its very rich historical heritage and much conserved medieval architecture. It is a canal based city and is another city that has the nickname “Venice of the North”. The city center of Bruges is under the protection of UNESCO.
View all tours to Bruges from Amsterdam


9. Delft

Delft is a popular touristic city in the Netherlands. It is famous for its beautiful city center with canals, the Delft Blue ceramic pottery and holds a very interesting story of an incident that occurred in 1654, when a gunpowder store explored, killed more than 100 people, injured more than a 1000 and destroyed a big part of the city.
View all tours to Delft from Amsterdam

Madurodam Miniature Holland

10. Madurodam - Miniature Holland

If you love miniatures, than this is the location to go to. Madurodam is a miniature park depicting all the most famous Dutch landmarks. It was built in 1952 and completely renovated in 2012, for its 60th birthday. A lot of effort has been put in the reality of the miniatures, for example, the miniature people are changed based on the current season in the Netherlands.
View all tours to Madurodam from Amsterdam


11. Edam

The home of the Edammer (Edam cheese). Apart from Edam cheese, the city of Edam was throughout history a popular cheese marketplace and here you will have the opportunity to try and buy the best cheeses of the region.
View all tours to Edam from Amsterdam


12. Volendam

Volendam is another popular tourist destination in the Netherlands popular for the old fishing boats and traditional clothing still worn by local residents. The Volendam traditional costume is the most popular and recognized Dutch clothing and it used on a lot of touristic and other promotional materials. There is also a small museum of the traditional clothing where you can get a picture in these clothes.
View all tours to Volendam from Amsterdam

Kroller Muller Museum

13. Kröller-Müller Museum

Kröller-Müller Museum is a national art and sculpture museum. It contains a big collections of Van Gogh and other popular painters, and over 160 sculptures that are situated in the garden of the museum.
View all tours to Kröller-Müller Museum from Amsterdam

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