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Tours to Dalí Museum from Barcelona

Fascination with the great surrealist painter Dalí hasn't died down even to present day. He is considered to be one of Spain's greatest artists of all time. Take a trip and visit the famous Dalí Museum about which you can read more in our short guide.

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One Day Tours to Dalí Museum in Figueres

One Day Tours to Dalí Museum in Figueres
Figueres is a town located less than two hours away from Barcelona which makes it a great half-day destination for art lovers and everybody else interested in eccentric historical figures like Salvador Dalí was. Figueres, being Dalí's birthtown, founded the Dalí Museum as an ode to his acomplishments as one of the most prominent figures in spanish history. The museum could be considered an art work itself, not only due to its interesting looks but also hidden meanings behind it. For example, the core of the museum itself is an old town's theatre that Dalí visited as a child. It was also where his first exhibition was held. Today it holds ninety six paintings in whole, not only by Dalí but other appraised artists like El Greco, Marcel Duchamp and Bougereau. You'll enjoy the fact that through this collection you can see how the artist's style has evolved through the years since it contains works from all decades of his creative work.

Since Dalí was somewhat a peculiar person his whole life, his art works are bound to entertain you. Apart from paintings, the museum holds holographic art, optical illusions and a whole collection of jewellery Dalí designed. If you're interested to use up the rest of the day as well, you can include a visit to Girona to your tour. Girona is a magnificent medieval city well known for its ancient fortresses and vivid scenery alongside river Onyar. It makes for a great addition to your day trip and is sure to fascinate you.

Dalí Museum tour is truly special because it's a way to observe art in a whole different way. It's not only about experiencing the art piece alone but rather looking at your whole surrounding as art. We'll finish off with something the great Dalí himself said about the museum: “The people who come to see it will leave with the sensation of having had a theatrical dream.“
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Tours to Dalí Museum from Barcelona

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Five star

This was a great tour! It was very easy to book online, l was picked up at my hotel by a taxi driver and was dropped off at Barcelona Sants station- there were about 18 people in the group and the whole process of going through security and boarding the train was extremely well organised! It was a breaze... Our guide, Jessica was fabulous and kind in her approach of Dali Museum with her clearly monumental knowledge; the driver, Albert got us back to station on time in spite of some inclement weather! I would highly recommend this tour to anyone. It was a pleasure and the cost very reasonable.

Philip W., Canada

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