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Tours to Mostar from Baška Voda

(4.8/5 based on 14 reviews)
Five star

Booking process was very easy and the meeting point was only a 5 minute walk from our Hotel. The bus arrived at specified time and the driver was pleasant, but we then went on to pick up people from other locations for another 1hr 15mins. We then drove to the border with Bosnia, where we were told that as there were 3 buses ahead of us we would be waiting there for at least 45 mins. We were told we could get off and stretch our legs/ make use of the toilets There was only 1 toilet! it was in a porta cabin with holes in the floor, no toilet roll, a door that didnt lock properly and it was filthy and smelt disgusting. We re boarded and went on our way after about 35 minutes but went straight to Mostar. There was no mention of Pocitelj or why we did not go there. Mostar itself was worth going to - but very slippery underfoot. We were also warned on arrival to keep our belongings close as it was not a safe place to walk around, previously people had been robbed. There were also several women and children begging/ following and repeatedly asking for money. Tour description said it's a 2 hour drive with a stop elsewhere but it was actually 4 hours to get there with no other stop.

Alison G., United Kingdom

On excursion: Mostar & Pocitelj Day Trip from Makarska Riviera
Five star

The tour to Mostar was an eye opener on what happens to a city after a war No employment and the last factory closing down. These poor people. The guides were informative & protectlve of our se purity. Thoroughly enjoyed the tour of the old town. Limited time to enjoy a lunch and wander thru the markets, but totally understand the time restrictions Would have been helpful to have had Wi-Fi on the bus. Otherwise, well worth the visit

Alison M., Australia

On excursion: Mostar Highlights Tour from Makarska Riviera
Five star

From start to finish this was a lovely tour. Vincent our guide on the bus was very helpful and extremely knowledgeable and answered all our questions with ease. Our driver was also very lovely and friendly. The drive to Mostar is long, but Vincent was full of facts and the time went very quickly. Mostar is beautiful, full of history and well worth the drive. Our guide in Mostar was also very good. All in all a wonderful day, well worth the money and time travelling. If you enjoy history and seeing outstanding sites, this is the trip for you.

Maria C., United Kingdom

On excursion: Full Day Guided Tour to Mostar from Makarska
Five star

Our family really enjoyed this day trip. Mostar was very busy this day but we found a quiet restaurant that provided the best views. (Urban grill) The drive was a little longer than expected as it’s slow and windy. Our driver was very nice. The first stop in Pocitelj was a nice stop long enough to stretch and go for a little walk. I did find that the souvenirs were a little cheaper here. So if you see something you like get it there instead of waiting like I did! Thank you for the beautiful day trip!

Shauna E., Canada

On excursion: Mostar & Pocitelj Day Trip from Makarska Riviera