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Nataša K.
Nataša K. , Croatia 18.01.2020

Amazing experience 😊

On excursion: Budapest Sightseeing Cruise
Vlatko V.
Vlatko V. , Croatia 24.08.2019

Nice ride and cruise.

On excursion: Budapest Sightseeing Cruise
Lenka B.
Lenka B. , Czech Republic 19.07.2018

Amazing experience! Everything was great. Thank you! ☺️

On excursion: Budapest Sightseeing Cruise
Danielle B.
Danielle B. , United Kingdom 16.10.2017

This tour was ok, there were quite a few things that would have made it a lot better. We arrived at the time they said and were told then that it didnt leave for another half hour so we were waiting around at the beginning. The guide appeared super grumpy - didnt introduce himself, just stormed ahead in front of us leading the way so he didnt really get us in the mood for a party. The welcome shots included in the price werent very nice at all but that could have just been a personal preference thing. It would have been better to get a beer or wine as the free drink i think. The music was also quite inconsistent. Just real hard club beats with not a lot of words to begin with which was just annoying, but toward the end they started playing proper music. Would have been better if theyd done that from the start. The actual seeing budapest at night though was my favourite part - so pretty!

Organizer replied to this review on 11.12.2017
Thank you very much for taking the time to write a review of your experience, feedback is always very helpful for us in improving and developing on our programs! We are very sorry, that you've had such unfortunate experiences, also thank you for your review, your helpful opinions mean a lot to us.
Usually, guests have to be there half an hour before just to be sure that the cruise starts in time. We are working to reduce this time, until we are sorry for the unpleasant waiting time.
Regarding to the guide’s behavior I will forward this email to the cruise coordinator to fix this matter.
Thank you for you understanding and for your feedback

On excursion: Party Cruise Tour from Budapest
Reece W.
Reece W. , United Kingdom 12.10.2017

The cruise was worth it to see the stunning views along the Danube and to see the likes of the Parliament building lit up at night, however it was very very poorly organised. I paid online for myself and my girlfriend and I paid an extra 10 euros per person for a hotel pick up. The time for the pick up came and went, and when I rang to query this the company first stated that the pickup was at a later date and then changed their mind and said we hadn't paid for pickup at all. Even though I had proof on my receipt they refused a refund. After paying for a taxi to get to the meeting point, we again contested this and they eventually told us we could have a drop off after the cruise. Once we were on the boat we were not really informed of anything and we were all told to sit in one small area of the boat. There was a choice of about 4 or 5 cocktails and even then my girlfriend wasn't served the correct one. I asked to exchange mine for beer and when I chose my beer I was told they might not have it (this was not long after we had set off), and when it came I was just told it was 'beer' so could have been anything. I think a cruise in the evening is well worth doing but certainly not with this company.

Organizer replied to this review on 16.10.2017
We have a lot of new colleagues at the resevation department, and due to this who added this reservation to our system made a mistake. To fix this problem I have sent them a sample to make sure that they will know if the guest have a pick up service or not.

Please accept my personal apologies and we refunded the 10 EUR per person for the missed pick up service. Gerencsér János

On excursion: Moonlight Cocktail Cruise from Budapest
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