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Budapest, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and one of the most famous touristic destinations has a lot to offer to everyone. Beautiful historic building, museums, squares, the wonderful bridges and monuments are calling you to explore it…There are a lot of activities and tours in Budapest and everyone can find something for themselves. See our recommendation for Top 10 things to do in Budapest.

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Top 10 Things To Do in Budapest

Budapest, the capital of Hungary is known as the "Little Paris of Middle Europe". It is famous not only for the monuments reflecting its own 1,000-year-old culture, but also for the relics of others who settled here. Remains from both Roman occupation and much later ruled by the Turks can still be seen in the city. The capital has two sides, Buda and Pest, stretching along the banks of the Danube, representing two different characters of the city. This magnificient town is famous for its bridges that bind the two sides of the city, squares, wide avenues, large parks, old buildings on both sides of the river and a harmonious blend of architectural styles. Budapest has a lot to offer. Museums and galleries, churches and synagogues, palaces and historic buildings, baths and pools…There is an unmistakable feeling that something out of the ordinary is just around the corner, but what it will be is up to you to find out...
Explore the history heritage on a Walking Tour

1. Explore the history heritage on a Walking Tour

Due to its wonderful architecture and rich history Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Once two towns, Buda and Pest divided by the Danube river, today make one whole connected by numerous bridges. The best way to discover all the beauties and secrets of this magnificient town is to walk through its streets, squares , avenues… Learn about rich and long history of Budapest on one of the walking tours and see the most famous sights such as the Parliament , the largest Synagogue of Europe, the Opera House and St Stephen's Basilica, Matthias Church, the Fishermen's Bastion, the Chain Bridge, the Margaret Bridge… See our offer here

Enjoy the River Cruise on Danube river

2. Enjoy the River Cruise on Danube river

One of the "MUST" things to do in Budapest is the River Cruise on the river Danube. See the most fascinating historical sights and marvel at the beauty of the city of Budapest from the river. You can choose between different river cruises with all kinds of boats and ships. Do you want to go in the morning, afternoon or you are more for a night romantic cruise? View all river cruise tours.

Watch the traditional Hungarian Folklore Show

3. Watch the traditional Hungarian Folklore Show

Hungarian Folklore Show is a combination of authentic and traditional folk dances and music. It is a very important part of the national identity with a long tradition. Century old movements, a dance for couples, groups and solo dancers characterize Hungarian folklore dance, while Hungarian folk music sings about everyday life situations like love, happines, sadness… Enjoy a traditional dinner while you are watching the Folklore Show, or combine a Folklore Show with the river cruise or with the largest thermal baths in Budapest…It is up to you, check out our offer

Enjoy the Music Tours

4. Enjoy the Music Tours

Hungarian music has a special place in Hungarian culture. No matter what kind of music you want to listen to and what kind of ambience you like, Budapest offers a variety of options for you. Listen to one of the most famous Hungarian classical music ensembles, the Danube Symphony Orchestra in Danube Palace, enjoy the show that combines all the captivating elements of Classical, Operetta, Hungarian folk and Gypsy music in one of Hungary’s most famous theatres - Pesti Vigadó, see all the famous artist performing in the world famous St. Stephen's Basilica or take a romantic cruise on Danube river with live music. It is up to you! Take a look at the numerous offers

Go on famous Wellness and Spa Tours

5. Go on famous Wellness & Spa Tours

Budapest is famous as the city of medicinal waters and amazing thermal spas and it is often called "City of Spas". There are so many natural warm spring waters under the city. According to estimates, there are approximately 1000 natural spring water sources in Hungary. Budapest Baths are one of the things you have to visit while you are in Budapest. Depending on how long you are staying, you can visit different Bath&Spa complexes. The most popular bath in Budapest is the Szechenyi Baths. Feel the healing power of water, use the jets in the pools to get a water massage, enjoy a massage, revitalize in the saunas and steam rooms and much more…Don't hesitate and have a look at our offer.

Discover the magical Budapest at night

6. Discover the magical Budapest at night

Budapest is beautiful at any time of the day, but at night the city takes a new and magical dimension. Be sure to stay out after the sun goes down at least once during your visit to the Hungarian capital city. There are so many kinds of activities such as romantic night river cruises, party cruises, guided tours of the city with folklore shows or classical concerts…Check out our offer here.

Budapest sightseeing on Bike tours

7. Budapest sightseeing on Bike tours

Budapest invests a lot in the development of cycling paths and because of that it is no. 13 on the list of the Most Bike-Friendly Cities of the World. Bike tours allow you to see the major historical sites, to discover beautiful parks, the river Danube and other important sights in a quick and fun way. If you take a guided tour you can be sure that you will discover many hidden places and small streets, see where the locals live and work, and maybe if you take one of the e-bike tours you can reach the paths untouched by tourists and discover hidden jewels of the capital so click here.

See Budapest and the beautiful Hungarian landscapes from the air

8. See Budapest and the beautiful Hungarian landscapes from the air

See some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world from the air. If you are looking for an unforgettable and exciting way of sightseeing the city, then you won't miss with the sightseeing from the air. These kind of tours give you the opportunity to see not only the city of Budapest, but also the natural wealth of Hungary and is a fun and more exotic way to explore the city if you are tired of walking around, so fly with us and see our offer here.

Taste a traditional Hungarian food on a Food Tours

9. Taste a traditional Hungarian food on a Food Tours

Hungarians are very passionate when it comes to food. Traditional Hungarian dishes are primarily based on meat, seasonal vegetables, fruits, fresh bread, dairy products and cheese and the food is often spicy, due to the common use of hot paprika. Hungarian cuisine today shows great regional variety, and the best way to explore it is to taste it. Gourmet tours, different tours in a combination with the river cruise, folklore shows or concerts can help you to discover the tradition and history of Hungarian food and also leave happy and full, so go and check the offer and let's eat.

Take a Daily Tour from Budapest

10. Take a Daily Tour from Budapest

When you think about Hungary, the first thing that goes through your mind is the wonderful city of Budapest. Budapest is the capital of Hungary and one of the world most famous cities, but there are many other amazing places outside Budapest that you can visit and that will leave you breathless. Spend a day outside Budapest and visit the second largest Baroque Palace in the world in Gödöllő, discover Visegrád, Esztergom, and Szentendre, explore the city of Kecskemét or visit lake Balaton. Click here and explore Hungary

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My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed this. We met several other folks from other countries and had a great time. The atmosphere was very entertaining as was the fact they encouraged audience participation. They picked us at our hotel and brought to central Location to board their very comfortable shuttle. The restaurant was actually an old Hungarian winery. Live entertainment both instruments and folk dancers. The family that owns the winery was very welcoming. Our guide Zsuzzanne was very good at being sure all in our party were accommodated. Definitely recommend.

Joseph G., United States

On excursion: Budapest by Night Tour with Dinner & Folklore Show
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Enjoy fantastic tours! Mike was our guide and he did an excellent job . Thank you so much Mike! And Peter ( a super nice driver ) . Highly recommended Cityrama Budapest and Happytovisit .

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Amazing experience! Everything was great. Thank you! ☺️

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