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Tours to Korčula (Island Korčula) from Cavtat

The island of Korčula offers a unique combination of the nature and a thousand year old cultural tradition and history. You can find more information and interesting facts about Korčula in our short guide.

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Day Tours to Korčula Island – the Home of Marco Polo

Day Tours to Korčula Island – the Home of Marco Polo
Staying in a small, but beautiful town of Cavtat situated right next crystal clear sea can relax and heal all your senses brining you peace that has been taken from you being stuck in your own little stressing routine. While relaxing, why not explore a little and learn about the place you are staying?

Relatively near Cavtat there lays rather interesting place to visit – we are talking about the island of Korčula, the second most populous Adriatic island, right after Krk and the sixth largest one. It is situated in the central Dalmatian archipelago, separated from the Pelješac peninsula by a narrow strait. Korčula is covered with Mediterranean flora, including extensive pine forests by which it got its name from the Greeks – Melaina Korkyra or “Black Corfu”. During history, the island was populated by Illyrians (from whom we have remains of buildings and fortresses – gradine), Greeks (from whom we find artefacts and marble tombstones), Romans (remains of old villas), Byzantines, Venetians and Austrians creating, thus, a marvellous and intriguing historical mixture on such a fairly small surface.

On the island there is the town bearing the same name. This historic fortified town on the east coast of the island includes many historic sites such as the birth house of Marco Polo, Cathedral of St Mark (built from 1301 to 1806), the Franciscan monastery, the civic council chambers, the palace of the former Venetian governors, grand 15th- and 16th- century palaces of the local nobles as well as the massive city fortifications.

On your way to the island you should also stop by Ston, only an hour away from Cavtat. Ston is famous for its old salt flats and the second longest city walls in the world (after the Chinese walls). On your way from Ston to port in Orebić (from where you will go on a 15 minutes ferry ride to Korčula) you will undoubtedly enjoy the scenery of the famous vineyards of Pelješac peninsula, beautiful countryside and old settlements.

If you are willing to hear a story of this marvellous island, take a day of your time to taste some good wine enjoying the sounds of klape singing and feel like a real relaxed Dalmatian.
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Tours to Korčula (Island Korčula) from Cavtat

(5.0/5 based on 6 reviews)
Five star

The trip was very nice, we enjoyed it and all praise to the manager and driver.

Ines L., Croatia

On excursion: Korčula Island from Dubrovnik
Five star

Good trip with plenty of time to explore Korcula. Rosa our guide give us bunch of information and was very hepful .Smooth drive through with testing vines were we got a good lesson about production in Peljesac .We are happy we did it .

Willie L., United Kingdom

On excursion: Korčula and Pelješac Group Tour from Dubrovnik
Five star

Firstly I cannot thank Happt to Visit enough, from my first contact with them they have provided outstanding customer service. I made a mistake on the date of our tour and their patience and service was fantastic in helping sort things out. Now for the tour, 7 of us went some elderly, the bus was very comfortable, you are on the bus for quite a while so that is important. We stopped for about 30 minutes in Ston, very impressive walls and time for a coffee. Back on the bus, fantastic scenery as you drive through the wineries. The short boat trip was excellent as was our guide Danielle on the bus,.... Korcula is absolutely beautiful we had an English speaking guide who was with us about 40 minutes and then we were left for a couple of hours, we ate in a lovey restaurant on the front, bought wonderful Jewelry and wandered round the beautiful little streets. Winery on the way back ws very short but informative the wines were pleasant and the short stop added to the overall day. Overall a long day but definitely worth it as just beautiful and opportunity to see more of this wonderful country.

Ann W., United Kingdom

On excursion: Korčula Island from Dubrovnik
Five star

From our initial enquiry, promptly followed up by Martina we were very satified. the tour was proffesional,relaxed and the guide shared her knowledge with us. She pointed different facts all along the way to Ston, Korcula and a lovely stop at a winecellar with superb wines. We can definitely recommend this tour to anyone staying in Dubrovnik.

Joachim B., France

On excursion: Pelješac and Korčula: Full Day Tour from Dubrovnik