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Find out many interesting facts about the place there East meets West and why Mostar is the real “melting pot of cultures”. We invite you to read our short guide on visiting Mostar from Cavtat to learn more.

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Melting Pot of Cultures – Day Tours to Mostar from Cavtat

Melting Pot of Cultures – Day Tours to Mostar from Cavtat
Cavtat is a small town on the Adriatic coast offering its visitors a beautiful and peaceful place to stay right next to the crystal clear sea. Staying here and enjoying the sun for maybe a weak can absolutely be relaxing, but also a bit boring. So why not explore the surroundings?

Although you would need to cross the border to the neighbouring Bosnia and Herzegovina, we guarantee you that you will fall in love with Mostar, the place where East meets West. Situated on the Neretva river, Mostar is the most important city in the Herzegovina region and the fifth-largest city in the country. It is named after the Bosnian word for the bridge keepers – mostari who, in the medieval times, guarded the Old Bridge, the symbol of Mostar and one of the components on UNESCO World Heritage Site list since 2004.

Influenced by centuries long Turkish rule, Mostar is full of minarets reaching for the sky, bazaar streets, and houses with ornate wooden balconies, typical craft shops and traditional restaurants. One of the most remarkable and inevitable places that you have to visit during your wandering through the city is The Old Bridge, built by Ottomans in the 16th century.

Visiting Mostar you should also wander a little bit more through the Herzegovina region and stop to the locations like Kravice waterfalls on Trebižat river, only one hour drive from Mostar; Počitelj - medieval village listed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site; Neum which is the only town of Bosnia and Herzegovina located on the coast; or Međugorje as the spiritual and religious place where Our Lady of Peace is believed to be seen in 1981.

Expand your Adriatic tour visiting something strange and new. Try out Turkish coffee and admire the magnificent sight on the Old Bridge and the river Neretva after a long walk through the old city of Mostar and find out the reason why is it called the “melting pot of cultures”.
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Tours to Mostar from Cavtat

(4.7/5 based on 23 reviews)
Five star

Booking process perfect as well as communication with the organizer. Meeting pick up late but driver (I had same driver for several excursions including Montenegro and Mostar) is excellent and very kind person. Unfortunately I don't remember his name, he is tall and has a beard :) the bus was new and modern and our guide Anet was brilliant, very professional, a lot of attention for us, and her voice on the micro was amazing. Just one point I could not hear very well sometimes in the bus as I was at the back and with the noise of other people and AC the volume was not high enough. The tour is highly recommended, thank you very much!

Agnès B., Spain

On excursion: Mostar and Kravice Waterfalls Group Tour from Dubrovnik
Five star

The tour was amazing and definitely must-to-go. Pick up perfectly on time, smooth driving, comfortable stops. Borders were not full and we passed them very fast. The waterfalls are spectacular and amazing was to swim there cuz in Mostar it was +37. The city itself is medieval and you would feel the atmosphere there. To try: local meat, bakhlava and Coffee

Uliana K., Czech Republic

On excursion: Mostar and Kravice Waterfalls Group Tour from Dubrovnik
Five star

Had a great day at the tour. Was picked up at the time. Everything went as planned. The busdriver and the guide did their job very well.

Lisbeth Boel S., Denmark

On excursion: Mostar and Kravice Waterfalls Group Tour from Dubrovnik
Five star

Great tour. Although it’s a long day, the day flowed well and there were lots of stops to see things along the way. We thoroughly enjoyed our day in Mostar and would definitely love to come back for a longer visit next time

Monique W., Australia

On excursion: Excursion to Mostar from Dubrovnik