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Culture & History Tours to Cairo from Dahab

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1 Day Tour To Cairo by Bus From Dahab

Explore the rich culture and history of Ancient Egypt on this magnificent day tour from oe... Read more

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Culture & History Tours to Cairo from Dahab

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Four star

You should specify that you need a Visa in advance (at least two weeks), if not you have to pay extra to do it through the tour agency. All the places that we visited were amazing, the tour guide (was a women for english and italian speakers) was awesome, I really appreciate her service all the time, the advices and the motivation that she showed to explain everything. The only thing is that this tour wasn't exactly as the description said, cause we didn't go to Bazaar Al Khalil, instead we went to a perfume shop and papyrus museum.

Naomi M., Chile

On excursion: 1 Day Tour To Cairo by Bus From Dahab