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Dubrovnik Night City Tours

1h 30m
13.29 €
(Per person)

Experience Dubrovnik By Night Walking Tour

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Explore the city of the lights full of mysteries! Night is great time for walking tours i.... Read more

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Our guests personal experiences on Dubrovnik Night City Tours

Dubrovnik Night City Tours

(5.0/5 based on 2 reviews)
Five star

Booking, meeting, the tour, everything was very smooth! We found out about this tour last minute, but was able to book it less than an hour from the tour begun and it was indeed much nicer to walk around the city because you need to often stop for listening to all the stories/information, I can't imagine doing this in day time, too hot! This is the way spending evening at Dubrovnik! Our walking tour guide,GoRun (sorry I spelled your name wrongly, this is how he thought us to remember) was very fun, honest, helpful, and informative. I highly recommend!

Benjamin F., United States

On excursion: Experience Dubrovnik By Night Walking Tour
Five star

It was a great tour, with only my partner and I, and the guide explained the most important thing of the city solving all our questions.


On excursion: Experience Dubrovnik By Night Walking Tour