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Ridhwaanah I.
Ridhwaanah I. , Australia 16.11.2017

The tour guide was fantastic, she was very knowledgeable about not only Game of Thrones but also Dubrovnik, its' history and she took us to all the amazing places around the Old Town. She was friendly and funny, we really enjoyed the tour and would highly recommend the tour guide to everyone.

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ANANTNARAYAN T. , India 17.06.2017

The contact number for the guide Gulliver was not his but that of the agency. Many attempts were made on this number but I was placed on hold for a long time. The meeting point near the fountain had many tour guides with tour name except Happy tours which had some irrelevant cartoon placard. The lady guide had only negative opinions about her country. Whatever be the character, a tour guide should not complain about her country. A lot of time was wasted on describing her personal family issues.

Organizer replied to this review on 05.07.2017
Therefore, all guests should note that the trip is organized by Gulliver or TUI (recognizable smile), and that the guides have this sign when they are waiting for the guests.
I believe that you were confused with a lot of people at Pile and around the Amerling fountain, so you could not easily see where your group was.
The guide (s) told us that she briefly looked at details of private life, but she was maybe naive in the way she presented life in our country. She had no intentions to talk badly about her homeland.
We are sorry if you misunderstood her words.

I believe that you nevertheless carried beautiful memories from Dubrovnik. Ilinka from Gulliver

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