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Tours to Međugorje from Dubrovnik

Međugorje is a famous Christian pilgrimage site known for the proclaimed Marian apparitions. While more then a million of Christians visit this holy site every year, Međugorje still kept it's sacred atmosphere of faith and peace and didn't succumb to a more touristic oriented site, which makes this journey worthwhile for any religious visitor. Read or guide to visiting Međugorje from Dubrovnik to learn more.

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Private Tour to Mostar & Medjugorje from Dubrovnik

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Tips for taking a tour to Međugorje from Dubovnik

Tips for taking a tour to Međugorje from Dubovnik
Međugorje is the most famous religious destination in this part of the world and it's visited by more then a million Christians every year. If you would like to visit Međugorje while staying in Dubrovnik, there are several tours that can take you there. We highly recommend taking one of the group tours that will take you to visit Međugorje but also to Mostar, a city of great historical significance and a place where east meets west - 2 different and opposing cultures coexisting in the same city.

Međugorje is situated about 2.5 hours of driving from Dubrovnik. It could take a bit more time because you have to pass the border and enter the state of Bosna and Hercegovina. Please do not forget to bring your travel documents when taking this tour. If you would like a more personalized visit and maybe skip Mostar altogether, there are several private tours in offer that can be tailored to your exact needs. You could for example stop only in Međugorje or make some other stops such as Ston, Kravice waterfalls or Počitelj. Unlike many other pilgrimage sites, Međugorje still retained the peaceful and holy atmosphere that other sites lost due to lots of tourist crowding the area. So if you are a religious person, we highly recommend visiting Međugorje. But even if you are not, it is still interesting to see and learn the facts about this city and learn about the Marian apparitions that occurred in 1981 which where reported by 6 children. The children who are now adults report to continuously receive messages from the Virgin Mary on a monthly basis. Many other reports of signs from the Virgin Mary occurred since then by locals but visiting tourists as well.

The Catholic Church sent a commission to study the Marian apparitions, and they expressed positive findings regarding the first apparitions but expressed doubt concerning the rest. In 2017 Pope Francis, in an Interview, stated that additional studies should be performed the apparitions but that the spirituality of Međugorje cannot be denied and it's an important spiritual place for the catholic church.

There is a lot of recent talk concerning this place, and it's a great opportunity to visit it while spending your vacation in Dubrovnik.
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Tours to Međugorje from Dubrovnik

(4.6/5 based on 15 reviews)
Five star

Great tour and guide! Good timings and we had an extra stop with view to Mostar. Great advices for food. Marvelous day!

Vania A.

On excursion: Mostar and Međugorje Tour from Dubrovnik
Five star

A very enjoyable trip if you like to get a quick overview of the main sights. The stop at Medugorji, Mostar and Pocitjel were just about the right length. Lydia our guide was excellent. She was knowledgeable, interesting and helpful. She explained everything without overloading us with too much information.we really enjoyed the trip.

James G., Ireland

On excursion: Mostar and Međugorje Tour from Dubrovnik
Five star

The organiser of the tour arrived at our hotel at the time they advised. Despite the 3 border crossings required the driver and courier kept to the anticipated time schedule. The short time in Medugorje was enough to allow us to appreciate the religious aspect of the location. Mostar was a privilege to visit and experience the terrible few years of war and change within such a lovely country. (Congratulations to our courier who even managed to have arranged our leaving the town today minutes before the thunderstorm). The return journey was also undertaken with professionalism. A great day with a courier who imparted information with ease and interest and a driver who kept us to the scheduled timescale.

Wilson M., United Kingdom

On excursion: Mostar and Međugorje Tour from Dubrovnik
Five star

It was a wonderfull and perfect day thank you

Marcelle R., Croatia

On excursion: Mostar and Međugorje Tour from Dubrovnik