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Elsie T.
Elsie T. , Singapore 18.06.2019
4 star rating: Good
Although we booked it online really last minute, the whole process was smooth. It was reassuring to receive a call so immediately to confirm all arrangements. It was small bus for 6 people behind and 2 in front. Thus making it a bit tight. If not for the fact that a Mother and Daughter offered to sit in front with the driver, it would be an uncomfortable squeeze. We had expected a guide but we had a driver who also doubled up as a guide. However, it was great to have Vladimir as is knowledgeable and accommodating.

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Ian G.
Ian G. , United Kingdom 11.06.2019
5 star rating:Very Good
We really enjoyed this day, even thoigh it was long. We travelled fron cavtat so got picked up by the cab driver at 7am to take us to dubrovnik and meet the coach. The tour guide was very pleasant but it was difficult to hear what she was saying most of the time. The waterfalls at Kravice were amazing and we had plenty of time there...some people on the coach even went in for a swim. Mostar is an amazing town with the bridge being the highlight, and you could watch the bridge jumpers leaping off...if they had collected enough money. The souvenir shops are abundent, as are street beggars who mostly seem to be women with young children. We were also warned to be cautious of pickpockets in the town...would recommend trying cevapi...which are small sausages served with chips and a tomato sauce..vert tasty..

On excursion: Mostar and Kravice Waterfalls Group Tour from Dubrovnik
Sandra P.
Sandra P. , United Kingdom 18.05.2019
4 star rating: Good
Booking process was ok .First time used and worried initially that I had not had confirmation. Journey from Cavtat to Dubrovnik took an hour.Lunch of fish was very good probably better value than the chicken. Wine was in good supply from early on if not the best quality. Would have preferred to spend longer on each island and less time travelling . Staff pleasant and service was efficient including return journeys by small boat to point of departure. All in all very good value for money

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Alice R.
Alice R. , United Kingdom 08.04.2019
5 star rating:Very Good
Our guide Kruno (apologies - spelling is probably wrong) was great. Despite the early start he was very cheerful and gave us lots of interesting facts and stories about the area we werae staying in as well as the places we passed on the wayt o Mostar. His knowledge was fantastic and his English was flawless so we learned a lot. The day was well structured and, travelling out of season, the border crossings were quiet so we got through them all very quickly and painlessly. It was a long drive but he made sure to break the trip up with rest stops and an additional stop off at the beautiful town of Pocitelj which was a bonus. Our tour group was quite small (only 6) so we were an easy group to please and Kluno was happy for us to take our time at each of the stops and explore as much as we wanted to. The waterfalls at Kravice were stunning and had it been ever so slightly warmer it would have been lovely to take a dip. Mostar was both beautiful and fascinating and was a tark reminder of how recent the war was and what a massive impact it had on the country. Our tour guide was able to really bring the history to life and give us a good sense of what life was like. We were lucky enough to be in Mostar over lunch and got to hear the call to prayer from the local mosques - it really made our trip. We would definitely recommend this trip to anyone staying in Croatia.

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Lisa B.
Lisa B. , Australia 25.10.2018
5 star rating:Very Good
Tour guide Josip was great. Very knowledgable and informative. I would recommend this tour particularly to GOT fans.

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