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Every year more and more tourists visit Dubrovnik - and there is a good reason for it! Dubrovnik has a lot to offer to its visitors: view our top 10 things to do in Dubrovnik to learn more.

1h 30m
24.00 €
(Per person)

Panoramic Tour of Dubrovnik

Instead of 40 pasesenger cable car ride that is less than 3 minutes ride, for a similar price, take a guided .... Read more

2h 30m
26.57 €
(Per person)

Dubrovnik Old Town and City Walls Tour

Join our friendly guide and experience Dubrovnik the best way! Climb the city walls for a.... Read more

2h 30m
40.51 €
(Per person)

Exploring Dubrovnik By Cable Car

You will be enchanted with the amazing view of Dubrovnik and its surrounding from the cab.... Read more

2h 15m
51.81 €
(Per person)

Game of Thrones - Walking Tour and Karaka Panoramic Sail in Dubrovnik

If you are a Game of Thrones fan, then this is the perfect tour for you! Hop on a wooden .... Read more

60.00 €
(Per person)

Game of Thrones Dubrovnik - Level 2 (locations outside Dubrovnik)

Visit all locations of Game of Thrones outside Dubrovnik. After you take our walking tourn... Read more

65.09 €
(Per person)

Full Day Tour to Ston and Korčula from Dubrovnik

Join us on this journey from Dubrovnik through Pelješac Peninsula and explore the fortifi.... Read more

73.06 €
(Per person)

Half Day Tour in Dubrovnik Countryside - Konavle Valley

If you would like to know more about the wine production and get to know the countryside .... Read more

73.06 €
(Per person)

Elaphiti Islands Karaka Cruise from Dubrovnik with Transfer

Visit the breathtaking Elaphiti islands while cruising on a replica of Dubrovnik Republic.... Read more

75.72 €
(Per person)

2 Hour Karaka Sunset and Dinner Cruise from Dubrovnik

Take a break from sightseeing in Dubrovnik and join us on this relaxing sunset and dinner.... Read more

80.00 €
(Per person)

Highlights of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is one of the most picturesque cities in the Mediterranean, and its rich history and culture make i.... Read more

86.34 €
(Per person)

Famous Dubrovnik Filming Locations - Full Day Tour from Dubrovnik

This full day tour is perfect for TV and movie fans so book the tour and discover many fi.... Read more

5h 30m
122.21 €
(Per person)

Game of Thrones Walking Tour with Trsteno gardens from Dubrovnik

Join us and we will show you where the famous Game of Thrones took place.You will see all.... Read more

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Top 10 Things to do in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik – the city that is more popular than the country. The architecture, the history, the gastronomy, the travel industry, it has everything that a tourist could possibly want from a tourist destination. Due to its popularity, it can get very crowded and sometimes it’s good to have a helping hand when learning about the city and the surrounding area. The city offers many day tours to help tourist learn about the city and the nearby region, and give you the possibility to easily explore it in the short time you are here. The tours are mostly concentrated about the city of Dubrovnik itself, boat tours to the nearby islands, wine tours (since the region has very good wineries) and other tours to no so distant cities like Mostar, Budva, Međugorje and Ston. Here is our top recommendation of the available activities in Dubrovnik.
take a walking tour of dubrovnik

1. Take a Walking tour of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik has a very rich history. To come to Dubrovnik and not learning some interesting facts about the city and some very cool stories that happened in the city would be such a shame. We cannot recommend this enough. Join one of the many offered walking tours and learn the small things that make this city great. Take a look at the walking tours in Dubrovnik.

Take a Boat tour to Elaphite Islands

2. Take a Boat tour to Elaphite Islands

The closest islands to Dubrovnik are the beautiful Elaphite Islands. They consist of 13 small islands that in total have a population of 850 inhabitants. Taking a boat tour there is a great way to experience the Croatian rugged coastline and have an opportunity to have a swim in the crystal clear sea that the islands offer. Take a look at the boat tours to Elaphite Islands from Dubrovnik.

Visit Korcula Island

3. Visit Korčula Island

Korčula is one of the most history and tradition filled island in Croatia. Among many stories that surround the Island, one of the most notable is that it’s believed that Korčula is the birthplace of the famous explorer Marco Polo. The main city of the island named also Korčula, has around 6.000 inhabitants and it’s one of the best representations of a small Croatian seaside city. Visit Korčula by one of the offered tours from Dubrovnik.

Visit Mostar

4. Visit Mostar

Another great option for a day tour if you would like to see a bit of a different culture. Mostar - the city divided into two parts, the Muslim and the Christian, only connected by the old bridge (how the city got its name “Stari Most” -> Old Bridge). It hides a very interesting story including the destruction and the rebuilding of the bride. Take a look at all tours to Mostar from Dubrovnik.

Explore the National Park Mljet

5. Explore the National Park Mljet

Mljet is the only single island that is a National Park. The most amazing thing about it is that there is lake on the island that has an even smaller island on it, which has a very nice and famous monastery. Take a boat tour to the island, and one more boat tour to the island on the island. Take a look at all the tours to National Park Mljet from Dubrovnik.

Take a Wine tasting tour of the region

6. Take a Wine tasting tour of the region

The whole region around Dubrovnik is famous for very good wine, and not just good, but one of the best in the world. The problem why these wines are not so popular in the world is that the production capacities are limited so you are not able to buy them in very much places around the world, but every year the wineries get more awards for the fantastic wine. If you like wine, regardless weather you are an expert of just a casual drinker, we suggest taking one of the many offered wine tours around the area, especially the ones going to the Pelješac peninsula. Take a look at all wine and winery tours form Dubrovnik.

Visit the city of Ston on the Peljesac peninsula

7. Visit the city of Ston on the Pelješac peninsula

The city of Ston is popular for 2 things: the magnificent 5 km defensive stone wall, and oysters. So there is no doubt what should you be doing there, have a history lesson walking on the wall which includes more than 40 towers and 5 fortresses, and then later stop in one of the many restaurants and have some oysters, either fresh with just a sprinkle of lemon or on the grill, and of course, add a glass of the fantastic wine from the Pelješac hills. Take a tour to Ston and Pelješac from Dubrovnik.

Visit the Bay of Kotor and other Montenegro coastline

8. Visit the Bay of Kotor and other Montenegro coastline

Dubrovnik is very close to the border of Montenegro, so this might be a good opportunity to visit another country while you are staying in Dubrovnik. Montenegro is getting very popular tourist destination as well and if you have the time, we suggest you go and spend at least one day there. View all the day tours to Montenegro from Dubrovnik.

Take a Game of thrones tour

9. Take a Game of thrones tour

If you are a fan of the popular HBO show “Game of Thrones” that this is a must! Dubrovnik is actually the real-life representation of Kings Landing, and most of the scenes that occurred in Kings Landing where shot here. Many agencies offer game of thrones tours where they take you to the places where the scenes where filmed and show you screenshots of the scene and the episode where you can see the same scenery. They also give you additional historical background of every place you visit so you might consider taking just this tour to learn about the rich history of Dubrovnik while still having a feeling you are walking around Kings Landing. Take a look at all the Game of Thornes tours form Dubrovnik.

Rafting on the river Tara

10. Rafting on the river Tara

If you are an adventurous type, you can consider going rafting on the river Tara in Montenegro. The scenery is so amazing that we consider this rafting one of the best rafting we offer on our entire website. This is also accompanied with the fact that World Rafting Championships are held on this river. Rafting in general is not so difficult, meaning that anyone can do it regardless of your age or physical strength or stamina, so if you ever wanted to try Rafting, this is the time. View all rafting tours to river Tara from Dubrovnik.

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Great experience, we enjoyed this tour!

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It was great. The guide was very patient, helpful, fun and instructive. Hence the great compliments to guide Darko, and the trip itself was also fun and full of adrenaline.

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Great tour. Although it’s a long day, the day flowed well and there were lots of stops to see things along the way. We thoroughly enjoyed our day in Mostar and would definitely love to come back for a longer visit next time

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