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The whole region of Tuscany is a marvel of nature and full of historical heritage. If you are not sure what should you visit while staying in Florence, view our top 10 day tour destinations from Florence guide.

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Top 10 day tour destinations from Florence

Tuscany is one of the most popular regions of Italy and it includes cities like Florence, Pisa, Siena and San Gimignano. It is also very famous for the Chianti region which produces one of the best wines in the world.

There are really a lot of options when choosing to go on day trips from Florence so we selected the most important destinations you should consider.

Also, if you are more interested in local tours in Florence you can view our Florence city tours or skip-the-line tickets.

Pisa and Lucca

1. Pisa and Lucca

Visiting Tuscany and not seeing the leaning tower in Pisa is like visiting Paris and not seeing the Eiffel tower. Most of the day tours to Pisa also include the visit to the small nearby town Lucca, famous for its intact Renaissance-era city walls.
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2. Venice

I guess there is nothing to say about Venice in only 2 sentences, but in short, if you never been there, you should. There is just something magical when the only transportation in the city are boats.
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Cinque Terre

3. Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is the most picturesque village you will ever see. It consists of 5 villages built on the rugged coastline which just leaves you breathless.
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Siena and San Gimignano

4. Siena and San Gimignano

Siena is a beautiful city in Tuscany, and its medieval city architecture is under the protection of UNESCO. San Gimignano even more so, and with its city walls it is told it forms “an unforgettable skyline”.
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Chianti Region

5. Chianti Region

If you love wine, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity to visit the Chianti Region, and the region yearly produces over 100 million liters of wine. Taste the great wines in the traditional wineries run by the locals.
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Ferrari Museum in Maranello

6. Ferrari Museum in Maranello

Ferrari, one of the most popular sports car brand of Italy, has a museum not far from Florence. If you love their trademark red color and the stallion logo this is a must place to visit!
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7. Perugia

Perugia is famous as the cultural and artistic center of Italy where lots of famous painters lived and worked, and most of their work is stored in the museums of Perugia.
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Assisi and Cortona

8. Assisi & Cortona

Assisi & Cortona and two small cities in the region Umbria. Assisi famous as the city where the Franciscan religious order started and Cortona famous for its narrow and steep streets.
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Montalcino Pienza and Montepulciano

9. Montalcino, Pienza & Montepulciano

Montalcino, famous for Brunello di Montalcino, a world famous wine, Pienza, a town with on a picturesque valley and Montepulciano, a renaissance hill town famous for its cheese and wine. All in all, a great way to spend the day!
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10. Rome

Rome, the capital of Italy, is a must place to visit when you are in Italy. However, if you have only one day, then we recommend going on a day trip, but we actually recommend you sleep in Rome as several hours are not enough to explore this beautiful city, and when you get there, book some tours starting from Rome!
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Our guests personal experiences on Florence Day Tours & Trips

Florence Day Tours & Trips

(4.5/5 based on 12 reviews)
Five star

My husband, 2 kids and I had a wonderful time on this tour. The Ferrari museum was the highlight! The Ferrari simulator was lots of fun, especially for the kids. We also went for a 10 minute test drive in a yellow California Ferrari which was awesome and quite reasonably priced. The free time in Bologna was nice and we just poked around the main square and enjoyed coffee and cake. The tour guide was very friendly and gave a good commentary in both English and Spanish for all guests. It was only a small group of about 12 so it was easy to hear everything and keep up. If you’re into cars or motor sports I would definitely recommend this tour.

Meg L.

On excursion: Ferrari Tour from Florence
Five star

I had a wonderful day on this tour. Our guide Constantinople was very good. He was knowledgeable and I appreciated the way he described everything. The bus we were on was clean and comfortable. The spots that they took us to for the wine tasting were very interesting. Italy is beautiful. Val D’Orcia is worth the trip. If you have difficulty walking or doing steps this is not for you

cherylan Brooks B.

On excursion: Val D'Orcia Tour from Florence
Five star

I had an absolutely lovely day. The drivers were great, pickup and booking were simple enough, and the timetables worked well. HOWEVER, I did not get what I signed up for. The tour was for Perugia, Assisi, and Cortona. We did not go to Cortona. We were not told in advance we would not be going to Cortona, and it was not mentioned during the day. The reason I picked this tour over a student-group tour was because this one went to Cortona and the student one did not. I am very grateful for the day that I had and don’t regret going. But, I do not think it is fair that I got 2/3 of what I signed up for and paid for—for the whole price.

Katarina R., United States

On excursion: Full Day Tour of Perugia, Assisi from Florence with Chocolate Tasting
Five star

I booked our tour via online with happytovisit and got a confirmation right away. However, when it was time for me to cancel one person’s reservation, I didn’t not get a response-it took two emails and a call to CiaoFlorence (tour operator) to reconfirm the cancellation so they can refund me. Check in at the meeting point was chaotic! They have reps from different tour companies but no signage as to which is which. This can be organized by a simple sign made and carried by the reps themselves. Gulio, our tour guide, is the best! He did an excellent job of describing the places we visited. He is passionate about his job; he went far and beyond just a tour guide. Very helpful if additional info is asked. Overall, the tour was excellent with Gulio as the tour guide! *Note: Two wine tastings should be pared down to one. A bit too much; it makes the day too long!

Jesusa L., United States

On excursion: Val D'Orcia Tour from Florence