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Florence hides some of the greatest artistic treasures in the world and offers so many possibilities, weather you want to explore Florence or the whole region! If you can't decide view our top 10 recommended things to do.

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Top 10 Things to Do in Florence

Florence is known as the "Cradle of the Renaissance" so it's no wonder that its museums, palaces, and churches "hide" some of the greatest artistic treasures in the world. The historic centre of Florence is under the protection of UNESCO so basically all the "not to miss" sites are just there in front of you, but also there are many charming towns and places in the vicinity that offer a great opportunity to take daily trips and marvel at the breathtaking views of the Tuscan region and wider (you can view our guide Top 10 Destinations in Tuscany from Florence). Here are the top 10 things we recommend to do while in Florence:
Take a Walking Tour

1. Take a Walking Tour

The historic centre of Florence itself is a large museum with its magnificent rich offer of important sites. Explore the magical city on one of the many interesting walking tours and visit all the important symbols such as the "Cathedral of Florence- Il Duomo" and its "Baptistery", the renown Uffizi and Accademia Galleries, the "Piazza della Signoria" and the "Loggia dei Lanzi" open-air museum, the "Ponte Vecchio" and the hidden "Vasari Corridor", "Palazzo Pitti" and "Palazzo Vecchio", so check all the walking tours from Florence

Taste excellent Wine on Wine Tasting &Winery Tours

2. Taste excellent Wine on Wine Tasting &Winery Tours

Wine is one of the most typical products of Tuscany, especially the wines from the renowned Chianti area known for its tradition and wine quality. If you love wine, we have selected some great wine tasting tours, whether you want to remain in the city of Florence or go on a daily trip to the surrounding cities, you will enjoy only the best wines so take a look at all the wine tasting tours from Florence

Go on Food and Gourmet tours

3. Go on Food and Gourmet tours

Besides fine wine, Italian food is probably the most famous Italian trademark. If you want to learn how to prepare an Italian meal-from antipasto to dessert and discover the secrets of the greatest chefs, make a pizza or gelato like a true Italian or simply relax and just go on a tour and eat some delicious food, you have come to the right place. Check out our list of all the finest Food and Gourmet tours

Visit Florence on Oldtimer and Vintage Car Tours

4. Visit Florence on Oldtimer and Vintage Car Tours

If you are tired of walking and are looking for a different way to visit the city of Florence, we propose to you a tour in the Vintage Fiat 500 or an old Vespa scooter. Combine the past with the present, enjoy in some breathtaking views, relax and off you go. All you need is a valid driver's license and some will. Check out all the Old Timer&Vintage car tours

Visit major attractions with Skip the line tickets

5. Visit major attractions with Skip the line tickets

When visiting any city, but especially Florence, the city of art and museums, there is no worse thing than waiting in long queues. If you're thinking about how instead of enjoying yourself, you will spend all your day waiting in line and forget what you came to visit, dispair no more because we have selected all the tours to "not to miss locations" with Skip the line tickets. You will avoid the long lines and visit all your preferred locations without worry, so check out all our Skip the line ticket tours

Visit the magnificent Cinque Terre

6. Visit the magnificent Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre National Park is one of the most charming places in the world. Protected by UNESCO, the villages have a unique look- terraces are built on a steep landscape right up to the cliffs that overlook the sea. The cities' characteristics is that they remain untouched by modern technology, you will see only ancient churches, castles, and charming narrow streets and squares. What better way to visit this charming place than go on a daily tour from Florence, so see all the tours to Cinque Terre from Florence

Visit the city of Pisa and its Leaning Tower

7. Visit the city of Pisa and its Leaning Tower

Pisa is one of the most magnificent tourist and cultural attractions in Europe. It holds treasures of a centuries-old culture, Gothic churches, beautiful Renaissance piazzas and the world's most famous "Leaning Tower". Situated in the Tuscan region, it is a "not to miss" destination when in Florence, you must simply stop by Pisa, so check out all the tours to Pisa from Florence

Visit Venice and its beautiful Lagoon

8. Visit Venice and its beautiful Lagoon

Venice and its Lagoon are one of the most famous destinations known worldwide, protected by UNESCO. After you have visited all the attractions in Florence, why not take the opportunity and go on one of our daily trips to Venice. Numerous attractions in Venice await you, such as the "St. Mark's Basilica", the "Grand Canal", and the "Piazza San Marco", so take a look at all the tours to Venice from Florence

Go on a Bike Tour

9. Go on a Bike Tour

They say that 'a healthy mind is in a healthy body' so why not combine a sightseeing tour of the beautiful city of Florence by bike. This is one way to take in all the beauties and 'not to miss locations' at the same time doing something healthy for your body. Avoid the hassle of walking around the city and have fun on our various bike tours, see all Bike tours from Florence

Visit the Ferrari Museum in Maranello

10. Visit the Ferrari Museum in Maranello

One of the most famous sports cars is produced just about 2 hours of driving away from Florence - in the city Maranello. This is a fantastic opportunity to visit the museum of Ferrari and for the more adventurous, you will have a chance to test drive a Ferrari on a race track! View all tours to the Ferrari Museum in Maranello.

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Five star

My husband, 2 kids and I had a wonderful time on this tour. The Ferrari museum was the highlight! The Ferrari simulator was lots of fun, especially for the kids. We also went for a 10 minute test drive in a yellow California Ferrari which was awesome and quite reasonably priced. The free time in Bologna was nice and we just poked around the main square and enjoyed coffee and cake. The tour guide was very friendly and gave a good commentary in both English and Spanish for all guests. It was only a small group of about 12 so it was easy to hear everything and keep up. If you’re into cars or motor sports I would definitely recommend this tour.

Meg L.

On excursion: Ferrari Tour from Florence
Five star

I had a wonderful day on this tour. Our guide Constantinople was very good. He was knowledgeable and I appreciated the way he described everything. The bus we were on was clean and comfortable. The spots that they took us to for the wine tasting were very interesting. Italy is beautiful. Val D’Orcia is worth the trip. If you have difficulty walking or doing steps this is not for you

cherylan Brooks B.

On excursion: Val D'Orcia Tour from Florence
Five star

I had an absolutely lovely day. The drivers were great, pickup and booking were simple enough, and the timetables worked well. HOWEVER, I did not get what I signed up for. The tour was for Perugia, Assisi, and Cortona. We did not go to Cortona. We were not told in advance we would not be going to Cortona, and it was not mentioned during the day. The reason I picked this tour over a student-group tour was because this one went to Cortona and the student one did not. I am very grateful for the day that I had and don’t regret going. But, I do not think it is fair that I got 2/3 of what I signed up for and paid for—for the whole price.

Katarina R., United States

On excursion: Full Day Tour of Perugia, Assisi from Florence with Chocolate Tasting
Five star

I booked our tour via online with happytovisit and got a confirmation right away. However, when it was time for me to cancel one person’s reservation, I didn’t not get a response-it took two emails and a call to CiaoFlorence (tour operator) to reconfirm the cancellation so they can refund me. Check in at the meeting point was chaotic! They have reps from different tour companies but no signage as to which is which. This can be organized by a simple sign made and carried by the reps themselves. Gulio, our tour guide, is the best! He did an excellent job of describing the places we visited. He is passionate about his job; he went far and beyond just a tour guide. Very helpful if additional info is asked. Overall, the tour was excellent with Gulio as the tour guide! *Note: Two wine tastings should be pared down to one. A bit too much; it makes the day too long!

Jesusa L., United States

On excursion: Val D'Orcia Tour from Florence