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Tours to Cambridge from London

Being the home of one of the most prestigious colleges in England and the world, Cambridge offers breath-taking view by strolling through its gardens and parks as well as the magic of the passed times felt between the walls of old buildings. Read more interesting facts about Cambridge and what sights to visit in our short guide.

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Day Tours to Cambridge from London

Day Tours to Cambridge from London
80 kilometres North of London there lays the city of Cambridge. Known to the most of the people for its prestigious universities located in old late medieval buildings, like King’s or Queens’ College, it is the city filled with museums, churches, parks and gardens. Did you know that Cambridge is also considered the heart of technology Silicon Fen?

Returning back to the historical part of the town, the first settlements were made long ago in the prehistoric times. Afterwards, Cambridge became a trade centre during Roman and Viking period. Little before the foundation of the University of Cambridge in the 13th century, today’s city of Cambridge, got the title of the town in the 12th century by receiving the charter.

Strolling around the city which bursts with knowledge, you would be crazy not to visit at least one of them since the city itself has been described as “perhaps the only true university town in England.” The list is long: from the King’s College with its remarkable Chapel from the 15th century, across the Queens’ College to St. John’s College and Trinity College from the 16th century. Within the colleges’ territory you can also find beautiful gardens and bridges, like Cambridge Botanic Garden or Mathematical Bridge within the Queens’ College territory as well as the Bridge of Sights as the part of St. John’s College territory.

Strolling around the city do not forget to visit the building whose spire dominates the Cambridge’s skyline – Our lady and the English Martyrs, marvellous gothic church.

Visiting London, craving for knowledge and having a day to spare, we don’t see the reason why not visit Cambridge. And while you are around is it a bad idea to visit Oxford as well?
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