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Tours to Aranjuez from Madrid

The Royal Palace of Aranjuez has long been declared World Heritage Site by the United Nations. Read our short description about this beautiful place and why it's worth visiting.

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Day Trips to Royal Site of Aranjuez from Madrid

Day Trips to Royal Site of Aranjuez from Madrid
The Palace of Aranjuez has been under influence of many architectural styles over the centuries by many who worked on its design and construction. Because of this, its unique beauty attracts many tourists each year who witness its culture and history. Arriving at the site, you'll see the main royal entrance to the palace that consists of a portico adorned by arches, balcony and grand staircase, all styled in rococo fashion with lots of black and gold accents. The portico makes a grand way of entering the interior of the palace that holds many chambers with each one having a distinctive decor. For example there's Porcelain room that has marble floors and walls completely covered in ornate white porcelain plaques along with large mirrors that accentuate the decor even more. You'll also see the Throne Room decorated with frescos in ancient Pompeian style, the Moorish room that men used for smoking and many other rooms out of each one had a different purpose. Interesting fact about the palace that you'll also surely notice is that in almost all halls there are clocks of various shapes and sizes that were actually collected by King Charles IV. Apart from clocks, the palace is a home to many other art pieces like tapestries, sculptures and paintings by artists like Giordano, Solimena and Brueghel.

Although the palace was used as a residence by Spanish royalty only during springtime, we're sure that it'll impress you whenever you choose to visit it. It can be a great half-day trip from Madrid as it's less than an hour away or, you can make it a full day trip by visiting other historical places like the Royal Monastery of El Escorial, the Valley of the Fallen or Toledo.

Taking a walk through these royal halls will blow you away with its grandeur and attention to smallest details. Visit this magnificent palace and feel like royalty yourself while enjoying its spectacular beauty.
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Tours to Aranjuez from Madrid

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Four star

It was a good day with a good guide. The only thing is that we are not able to take pictures inside the monument.

Dittas F., Philippines

On excursion: From Madrid: Royal Monastery of El Escorial & the Valley of the Fallen + Royal Site of Aranjuez