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Tours to Pisa Leaning Tower from Montecatini

49.00 €
(Per person)

Pisa Half Day Morning Tour from Montecatini

Come on a tour of amazing Piazza dei Miracoli. You will visit fascinating Leaning Tower .... Read more

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Our guests personal experiences on tours to Pisa Leaning Tower from Montecatini

Tours to Pisa Leaning Tower from Montecatini

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Three star

We arrived at Montecatini Terme train station at 8.45am, so prior to 9.00am, the required time as per our confirmation invoice. We rang the office at 9.10am to advise we were still awaiting pick up and were advised that our tour didn’t start until 9.15 (so why put ‘9.00am gate closes’ on the invoice?) and that the driver was on his way. We were finally collected at 9.30am (with no apologies for late collection) and proceeded to Pisa. On arrival at Pisa our guide took us from the coach park to the site of the Duomo etc. However, there was little general information given, ie, that there is only one ticket office for all tickets and the guide saying ‘tickets are available up there on the right by the red umbrella’ is not helpful when the ticket office is actually as far as the leaning tower, and then to the left! We did actually enjoy our visit, although as a number of head sets did not work, my husband and I needed to share an ear piece each on the tour of the basilica, which was primarily what we paid for, as other tickets needed to be purchased to access the rest of the site, so this tour, at €98, was not value for money. A number of people were without working headsets (with no spares available) and this is frankly unacceptable for the cost of the tour.

Linda Q., United Kingdom

On excursion: Pisa Half Day Morning Tour from Montecatini