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Exploring Paris, the magnificent city, can be a big task! Find some local guides and read tips and the most reccomended activities in our Top 10 Things to do in Paris guide!

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Private Segway Tour 45 min of Paris

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Top 10 Things to do in Paris

The city of romance and love – wine and food – culture and history. Paris has it all. It’s one of the most visited destinations in Europe and there is a reason why you are reading this text – you also fell in love with Paris. One of the most amazing aspects of the city that it is a huge metropole city with more than 2 million people, but yet, when you are walking in the center you forget its size and feel a really intimate atmosphere. A glass of wine in a corner bar or an ice-coffee in a back alley – there is the beauty of Paris.

 But of course, how could you return from Paris and not visit the most important attractions? And God knows you paid good money to get here so here is our top 10 list of activities and recommendations to make the most of your time in Paris.

Buy skip-the-line tickets!

1. Buy skip-the-line tickets!

You and another 32 million people have the idea to visit Paris this year. You and another 8 million people have the idea to visit the Louvre museum. There will be queues. Long queues. Don’t waste literally hours waiting in line and get yourself skip-the-line tickets in advance! View all skip-the-line tickets.

Visit Versailles

2. Visit Versailles

Versailles used to be the center of political power in France as the royal family lived there for more than 100 years, up until the French revolution. The royal palace is now turned into a museum and you can especially enjoy the beautiful gardens in front of the palace. Take a look at all tours to Versailles from Paris or if you will get there by yourself take a look at locally organized tours and skip-the-line tickets in Versailles.

Learn about the French wine

3. Learn about the French wine

France is known around the world for its fantastic wine. The French have a widespread culture of wine making and wine drinking, so they perfected both disciplines! As you are visiting Paris we think that it would be a shame not to learn about the French wine culture, and there is definitely something for everyone, weather you would just like to try some famous wines or take advanced sommelier classes. View all wine and wine tasting tours in Paris

Take a walking tour of Paris

4. Take a walking tour of Paris

You will definitely stroll through the center of Paris on your own, but having a guide by your side will let you know the hidden stories that make this city so great. Taking a guide early during your stay will also benefit you with basic orientation around the city and advise you about how to spend your time around the city for the rest of you stay depending on your interests. View all Paris walking tours

Taste the famous French cuisine

5. Taste the famous French cuisine

You know the term “French cuisine” but do you actually know what it is? How many specialties of French cuisine you know, and do you know the mostly used ingredients? And where better to experience it than in Paris! Treat yourself with traditional French dishes on one of our Dinner and Lunch Packages.

Take a cruise on the Seine river

6. Take a cruise on the Seine river

Taking a Seine River is a great idea to view the city while sitting comfortably in a glass boat and enjoying either a glass of wine or a full dinner. Most of the Paris top attractions are at the banks of the river Seine so you will be treated with beautiful views along the way. You have to eat – why not to do it in a way you will remember for years :) Take a look at all Seine river cruises we have in offer.

Discover the famous street art of Paris

7. Discover the famous street art of Paris

A lot of famous artists lived and painted in France and it is now considered one of the artistic and cultural centers of the world. And in this environment modern age artists emerged and pained a lot of facades of the city that are left for everyone to see – out in the open. This modern art is quite accepted and supported in France and we think this is the perfect place to learn more about it and the whole culture that goes along with it. View all the street art tours in Paris

Visit Giverny and Monets Garden

8. Visit Giverny and Monet’s Garden

Giverny is a small town about 80 km north of France and its mostly famous for the famous villager who lived there: Claude Monet. If you don’t know who he is it’s probably not worth to go there but if you like his art we highly recommend it! View all tours to Giverny and the Monet’s House and Garden from Paris

Explore Paris in an vintage car

9. Explore Paris in an vintage car

We like the idea of exploring the history of Paris in a vintage car as it somehow fits in the whole atmosphere and so the vintage car tours made it to our list. View all vintage car tours from Paris.

Take memorable polaroid photos in Paris

10. Take memorable polaroid photos in Paris

Among hundreds of tours meeting popular demand, we want to pick up different experiences that stand away from the rest, and this is one of those: Stroll along the streets of Paris with a Polaroid camera and take 10 unique photographs that will remain with you for life. Take a look those photo tours in Paris.

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