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Tours to Sakarun Beach (Dugi otok) from Petrčane

54.00 €
(Per person)

Saharun Beach: Full Day Guided Boat Tour from Petrčane

Discover one of the most beautiful beaches on the world, Sakarun beach, situated on the D.... Read more

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Our guests personal experiences on tours to Sakarun Beach (Dugi otok) from Petrčane

Tours to Sakarun Beach (Dugi otok) from Petrčane

(4.3/5 based on 4 reviews)
Four star

The booking process was ok at the first time but later I got information about delete tour of that day which I booked on. Othervise Ana was very helpful. The ship was late. The guide, she was a young lady, was very helpful and kind. She was the best!!!

Henriett R., Hungary

On excursion: Saharun Beach: Full Day Guided Boat Tour from Petrčane
Three star

Booking process with Happy to Visit was rather easy and straightforward, although we had to call the customer service to check whether there are places left for the tour we wanted. It also took a day to receive a final confirmation for the tour. Meeting time was set to 7:45 in the voucher, 8:00 on the website of Happy to Visit, but 8:30 for other visitors (as all of them came to the meeting point at that time) - coordination would be good in order to avoid some guests waiting for an hour at the pier. There was no tour schedule available nor was it possible to get this information from the customer service of Happy to Visit so it turned out that the boat needs almost 3h to get to Saharun beach (to go back as well) and we only spend 2,5 hours at the beach! I'd prefer it the other way around. The boat itself was OK, breakfast too, lunch pretty decent (except for the wine from Kosovo?!). Sound system on the boat was quite bad though, we couldn't hear the tour guide at all and we also didn't visit other islands mentioned in the description of the tour. Altogether it's not that bad for the price you pay, but I'd recommend going to Saharun beach by a ferry from Zadar and taking your car with you (as there are often not enough places on the busses that take you from Brbinj to Saharun).

Manda J., Croatia

On excursion: Saharun Beach: Full Day Guided Boat Tour from Petrčane