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Prague Air, Helicopter and Balloon Tours

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Hot Air Balloon Tour from Prague

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Book a sunrise or sunset air balloon flight and enjoy in a breathtaking view of Czech Rep!... Read more

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Our guests personal experiences on Prague Air, Helicopter and Balloon Tours

Prague Air, Helicopter and Balloon Tours

(4.0/5 based on 3 reviews)
Five star

This was one of the most enjoyable experiences in my life. Such beauty and breathtaking scenery while you are up in the air. There are no words to describe it, you need to experience it. Highly recommend to everyone!

Nicholas R., United Kingdom

On excursion: Balloon Ride from Prague
Four star

good morning! the tour was interesting, the staff very kind, the only negative note is that in the description of the tour there was also a small snack, unfortunately there was none. Anyway, everything is good! if I can give an overall grade, for me it is 7

MATTEO P., Czech Republic

On excursion: Hot Air Balloon Tour from Prague
Three star

My opinion of the hot air balloon experience can be said in a sentence: would have been better to appreciate if the tour had been REALLY in english like it said in the website. The experience was great, it was my first time flying in a hot air ballon and that felt awesome. The experience of the pilot (Ludek Cruces) made us feel more confident and safe. Even though the whole trip in the ballon, the pilot and the view were great, I have a few things I would like to write for you to improve your tour. Me and my wife travel to Prague for 2 days, we didn't had much days so our time was precious and very valuable to get to know the city. The weather mess our plans, and the trip got delay from the early morning to the afternoon. The communication with us was not so great, they didn't notice us until we email the tour to confirm the fly. They said the sunrise trip was cancel because of the bad weather and we will be notice if the trip could depart in the afternoon. The trip was confirm during the day with not so much explanation of anything, meaning: where the trip was going to be made, what had change, the kind of cloth that we have to wear it (appropriate for the season was on the website, but not the kind of cloth exactly like shoes for example was very important) and nothing else. So they pick us at out hotel and in the car they told us the trip would take 2 hours to get to the point where we're going to fly in the balloon. That's all they said in the whole 2 hours and after we arrive we met some other passengers which did not speak english either so we could not ask them for anything to understand what was going on. The whole experience was explain in their language (czech) to everyone unless me and my wife (no translation). This was very disappointed because we couldn't appreciate anything that was going on with the process and why we were so far from Prague. This happened the whole trip, the view and the 1st time experience made it great, but it was not supposed to be like this. I bought a tour which included other views (City of Prague, Prague Castle) and nobody explained to me why or even ask if I agree that the fly was going to be made somewhere else. It was very confusing for us and at a point disappointing. (7 hours plan, not the 3 or 4 hours trip that i bought). The worst misunderstanding was our landing, like I said before no one translate us anything so when the basket looked like it was about to land, the only words we heard in english were "prepare for landing". No one told us what we were suppose to do at the landing, so my wife got hit and hurt, not that much but the issue is that she did because we were not prepare for nothing so we didn't know what to do. We are Ok but that's not the way to experience a fly without taking the time to explain how everything is going to be and how to be prepare in the English. The part where we were baptism was comic, very different, it was a nice experience. This part we understand it because the pilot gave us a page where everything was written in english explaining the ritual. The tour was for my wife´s birthday and she enjoyed it and we had some great pictures. But we could have had a much better experience understanding everything. Hope this don't happened to future travelers like it happened to us.

marcelo v., Ecuador

On excursion: Balloon Ride from Prague