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Tours to Český Krumlov from Prague

Craving for some fairy tale atmosphere in your life? Then the town of Český Krumlov is a place to visit! Check out this Czech wonder and learn more about this part of the UNESCO heritage by reading our helpful guide.

10h 30m
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Český Krumlov Tour from Prague

Take an unforgettable adventure to a town that seems to be lifted from a fairy tale. Discover Český Krumlov o.... Read more

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Private Day Tour to Český Krumlov from Prague

Come visit and explore one of the monuments inscribed on the UNESCO Heritage List on whic.... Read more

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A Medieval Monumental City - Tours to Český Krumlov from Prague

A Medieval Monumental City - Tours to Český Krumlov from Prague
In Southern Bohemia, about 170 km away from the capital Prague we discover the beautiful Český Krumlov. This little town seems from another world with its picture-perfect historical center, a real spider-web of old alleys. Originally, it developed around Český Krumlov castle, the second largest one in the country which is also its main attraction. The keep, situated on the banks of Vltava River, is a medieval wonder dominating the scenery and offering splendid views from its towers across the green countryside.

If you do decide to go, you have a lot of museums and sites to choose from. One can either explore the palace museum and find out more about the events from its long history which extends all the way back to the 13th century or check out just specific parts like the incredible and almost intact baroque theatre. Another important feature of the castle is its garden. Here the colorful flowers are planted to shape eye-catching mosaics. Český Krumlov was once a home to many noble families like the Rosenbergs, Eggenbergs, and Schwarzenbergs and their beautifully embellished coats of arms are still found across town today. But, if going through old archives and depositories does not excite you, we propose a simple walk through town and perhaps a break in one of the charming restaurants by the river. Also, you can get some great handcrafted souvenirs at the local shops to remind you of your trip to this enchanting place.

Last but not least, we wish you to relax and enjoy your time in Southern parts of the Czech Republic because the available day-long-trips will really take you to a different, dreamy world. The town of Český Krumlov, highly recommended by many of its previous visitors, invites you to stop by and marvel it. Undoubtedly you will return home full of good impressions and memories which are not going to fade for a very long time.
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Our guests personal experiences on tours to Český Krumlov from Prague

Tours to Český Krumlov from Prague

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Five star

I have to admit this was one of the best sights I have ever visited in my life. The town is just marvellous, you can see the history in front of you. Beautiful medieval scenery, the streets are full of hidden stories. Our guide filled us in on all the details and lengends about the town and when we went to the castle, we were in awe. The interior was glorious, the baroque theatre laid in front of you like a piece of history speaking its own beauty… just woow. Would recommend to all!

Terrance B., United States

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