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Tours to Český Krumlov from Prague

10h 30m
74.00 €
(Per person)

Český Krumlov from Prague

5 star rating:Very Good

Take an unforgettable adventure to a town that seems to be lifted from a fairy tale. Discover Český Krumlov o.... Read more

324.00 €
(Per group)

Visit Cesky Krumlov from Prague

Come visit and explore one of the monuments inscribed on the UNESCO Heritage List on whic.... Read more

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Our guests personal experiences on tours to Český Krumlov from Prague

Tours to Český Krumlov from Prague

5 star rating:Very Good (5.0/5 based on 1 reviews)
Five star

I have to admit this was one of the best sights I have ever visited in my life. The town is just marvellous, you can see the history in front of you. Beautiful medieval scenery, the streets are full of hidden stories. Our guide filled us in on all the details and lengends about the town and when we went to the castle, we were in awe. The interior was glorious, the baroque theatre laid in front of you like a piece of history speaking its own beauty… just woow. Would recommend to all!

Terrance B., United States

On excursion: Český Krumlov from Prague