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Day Tours & Trips to Terezín from Prague

58.00 €
(Per person)

Terezín Tour from Prague

On this 5-hour tour you are going to visit Terezin, a Jewish concentration camp.... Read more

402.00 €
(Per group)

Terezin Golf course Kotlina from Prague

We invite you to private tour of Terezín, where you will get to know the life of Jews dur.... Read more

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Our guests personal experiences on Prague Day Tours & Trips to Terezín

Day Tours & Trips to Terezín from Prague

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Five star

The trip to and from Terezin was filled with useful information on the Nazi occupation and the history behind the awful tortures. The tour was a bit awkward because the theme behind the tour is indeed monstrous and hearing about that evil committed by man cannot leave you untouched. But all in all, it is a part of all our histories and if you want to experience a sad, but important part of history, I recommend this tour as a memory to all the lost lives during the horrors of the war.

Amelie P., United Kingdom

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