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Tours to Terezín from Prague

Visit the historic fortress of Terezin, a place which played a terrible role of a concentration camp during World War II. Learn about all of its good and bad times from the 18th century onwards. You can also read more about Terezin in our short guide.

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Terezín Tour from Prague

On this 5-hour tour you are going to visit Terezin, a Jewish concentration camp.... Read more

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Terezin Golf course Kotlina from Prague

We invite you to private tour of Terezín, where you will get to know the life of Jews dur.... Read more

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A Holocaust Monument - Tours to Terezin from Prague

A Holocaust Monument - Tours to Terezin from Prague
As it is important to remember the victims of the Holocaust, so that such a thing never repeats itself when in Prague you have an opportunity to visit a fortress which played a part in not-so-long-ago history. A short -drive- away from the capital we find Terezin. Originally built for the protection of Bohemia in the 18th century, with the rise of the Third Reich, it witnessed a major change of purpose. It became a Jewish concentration camp. But one thing should be clarified, it had a rich history before the Nazis. Architecturally, it consists of a citadel and fortified garrison. The Habsburg emperor Joseph II. had it built to secure the border on the rivers Elbe and Ohře against a possible Prussian invasion.

More recently, in 1940. as the Nazi war machine expands on Bohemia, it became a concentration camp and ghetto for Jews. During the operation of this horrible place, more than 150 000 people went through it, and for many the journey tragically ended here. When the war was finally over, from 1945. to 1948., its prison hosted the former captors as they awaited their trials, but also people whose only crime was being German. Nowadays, this fortress struggles to remain a world monument as it was vandalized several times during the 2000s.

When there, you can visit its memorial center and find out about the many unfortunate destinies of its late occupants. Being in the Ghetto Museum or the Magdeburg Barracks is truly a striking and deep moment which won't leave anyone indifferent. Often, exhibitions are held on various locations in the complex, offering insight into the life like it was once there. But, on the lighter side, people who wish to be active and do something different than just tour Terezin can decide on a different kind of trip. Those can practice their golf skills on the courses of Kotlina and soak in the beauty of the countryside the entire day and check the former camp along the way.

Even though the topics of the Second World War and the monstrosities that occurred are surely not pleasant ones, it should always be mentioned and understood in detail so such things would hopefully never repeat. Today, Terezin, with its history, serves as a reminder and a lesson provider for generations to come.
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Tours to Terezín from Prague

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Five star

The trip to and from Terezin was filled with useful information on the Nazi occupation and the history behind the awful tortures. The tour was a bit awkward because the theme behind the tour is indeed monstrous and hearing about that evil committed by man cannot leave you untouched. But all in all, it is a part of all our histories and if you want to experience a sad, but important part of history, I recommend this tour as a memory to all the lost lives during the horrors of the war.

Amelie P., United Kingdom

On excursion: Terezín Tour from Prague