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Maree and Steve C.
Maree and Steve C. , Australia 18.07.2019

We had a superb day with Claudia. Communication in English was great, her knowledge of area and history was invaluable to us as was her know-how of getting in and out places! Her personal touches and insights were greatly appreciated. Thank you Claudia, see you next year

On excursion: Dracula Castle & Brasov City Full Day Tour from Sibiu
Thais jonni k.
Thais jonni k. , Denmark 18.10.2018

Had a lovely stroll through the old town of Sibiu, with the friendly guide who was very knowledgeable. Sibiu is indeed an interesting city to visit. I do recommend this tour for everybody who visits for the first time.

On excursion: Sibiu Sightseeing 2-Hour Walking Tour
Margarethe T.
Margarethe T. , Cyprus 03.09.2018

The day tour to so-called "Dracula's Castle" was a Big Con. There was a Count Dracula, but his castle was much more north in Transylvania than that to which we were taken. At the other castle, Peres, we had to wait more than one hour before being admitted, such was the volume of tours visiting. We, who believed we were going to see Dracula's Castle should have had our money refunded, and the tour organizers should re-name their tour.

Organizer replied to this review on 05.09.2018
Dear Customer,

Thank you for providing review on our services.

We are sorry to hear that the tour did not meet your expectations.

Allow us to explain.

Indeed, the story about the Count Dracula and the castle you have visited is based on the legend and especially on the Bram Stocker's book. According to the legend and the book "Dracula's Castle" is indeed the one you have visited. If you refer to the castle of Vlad Tepes (a real historical figure), the ruler of Wallachia, then, yes, it "The Poenari Fortress".

We are sorry if the description of the tour was not explanatory enough.

We will do our best to avoid such misunderstandings in the future.

Best regards

On excursion: Day Trip To Dracula's Castle from Bucharest
Toni Oskari K.
Toni Oskari K. , Finland 19.08.2018

We went from Sibiu to Bran Castle and in the afternoon to Brasov with a group of three. Pick-up and drop-off were straight from our apartment. Schedule was planned out rather well. The travel from Sibiu was long, but definitely still worth it when you have a smart and friendly guide to go along. Yes, the Bran Castle is touristic, but at least for me it's something that I've had on my radar for a while. I would have regretted not going. If you think it's worth for your time and money, why not try it out?

On excursion: Dracula Castle & Brasov City Full Day Tour from Sibiu
Alicja K.
Alicja K. , Poland 05.05.2018

The pick-up point wasn’t at the place we stayed, we had to walk about 10 min to the meeting point. The day before I hurt my knee so I couldn’t walk fast and because of that we were late about 8 min. The bus left without us, even though we paid in edvance. No one called us to let us know or check if we’re coming. We had to take a taxi to chase the bus. When we finally get on the bus, the tour guide points fingers at us saying in a rude way, that it’s our fault that the group tour was delayed. The tour guide was unpleasant to us for the whole trip. In Brasov we came earlier to the meeting point, everyone saw us except the tour guide. So the whole group (including us) were waiting for ‘us’ for about 15 min. then she called us asking were we are?! At the end she said it was my fault because I took of my sweatshirt so she didn’t recognize me. Except that I got more information about Rumunia and places that we’ve been from my guidebook. The lady tour guide was definitely the weakest point of the trip.

Organizer replied to this review on 08.05.2018
Dear Alicja,

Thank you for dedicating time to provide the feedback on our services.

It is a pleasure to know that you have liked the places of interest included in the tour, as well as enriched your knowledge about Romania.

We are sorry to hear that you have experienced some inconvenience in the course of the tour.
Sometimes, for logistic reasons (aiming to exit the city as soon as possible so as to avoid hectic traffic), we have to establish convenient meeting points instead of direct pick-up.
Although if we were informed about the insured knee, we would surely arrange a direct pick-up, since that is a special case. Usually, the car cannot wait too long (as we were informed the delay was more than 8 minutes and the phone was not answering), since it entails considerable delays in all the other pick-ups and timing of the tour too.

We are little bit startled to read that the guide who was on the tour did not meet your requirements, since she is one of our best employees and have received only good reviews.
Nevertheless, we have had a discussion with the guide and assure you that it was just a misunderstanding and no offence was meant.
We will take all the necessary measures to avoid such issues in the future too.

Please accept our sincere apologies for not meeting all the needs.
Our team wishes you only pleasant travel experience in the future.

Best regards,

Mr. Tripp, Gray Line Romania

On excursion: Day Trip To Dracula's Castle from Bucharest
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