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Lorna T.
Lorna T. , Singapore 07.06.2018

Great trip and great views. Do recommend

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Angela C.
Angela C. , Australia 22.09.2017

Tony, thank you for such a fantastic evening! It was without a doubt one of the most memorable Dinners we have attended in Italy . The service and food quality was excellent. The wines were so perfectly matched with the food. Thank you for a most enjoyable evening.

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Vitor A.
Vitor A. , Netherlands 08.05.2017

I liked the tour, but in the Roman Forum we didn't visit Palantino-hill from where the best view of the forum is possible. That disappointed me and afterwards it was not possible to re-enter without purchasing another ticket to enter. Also, the radios used in this tour were very bad! My son and I continuously had trouble understanding the spoken information, as other radios kept breaking up our connection. We did another tour and the radios there didn't have this quality issue, even though that place was more crowded. So replace the radio's! And the meeting point was totally not specified in the received e-mail. It stated about hotels in the area, but not an exact location. This left me sending a mail to your organisation the day before. Please state exact address where to meet in these mails! Also, when we got to the meeting-place it was chaos. It was totally not clear where to meet, which forced me to go from group to group and aks if they were from your organisation in a crowd of over 100 people. When we finally got to our group, we were put in a Portuguese-group, even though we requested the English one. I then had to state my point to the guide which seemingly was out of patience (at that time of the morning already!) and pointed to the other side of the plaza to go to the other group, instead of taking me there. Not customer-friendly and this left me not happy about my choice to take this tour at your organisation. If things are corrected and changed for the better, I would recommend this tour from your organisation. Otherwise not.

Organizer replied to this review on 10.05.2017
I noticed that in your website the meeting point is correctly indicated, my suggestion is to insert also the information for the meeting point on the voucher too, so the customer has it in his/her hand and clarify that our staff has pink t-shirt. Actually the customer mentioned in his email “the meeting point was totally not specified in the received e-mail”
Related to the headset quality, we have never received any complaint so far, however the customer could had always request another one to be replaced.
The other point that you claims, cannot be really verified since the place of course is crowded even though, we do this tour on daily basis since years and if a guest booked an English tour how come that he had accepted to make the visit in Portuguese language, are we sure that he went to the right group.

However my suggestion is to indicated as per the picture attached, that our staff has pink t-shirts.
Eleonora Solfanelli from Carrani,

Yes there was a misunderstanding regarding the pick-up point now we have made it clearer in order this avoid this situation in the future.

Jean from

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Vitor A.
Vitor A. , Netherlands 08.05.2017

We really liked the tour with Judy as our guide; she knows a lot, is super-friendly, is open to any of our questions and worried of our well-being in such a crowded place! The only thing I felt was missing was a visit to the dome (top) of the St Peter's Basilica, which is a famous spot according to other tourists. One thing I would definitely change, was the meeting-point. In the mail it was stated that it was the corner of two streets, but no one was there. There was another group halfway the street, but when I contacted them and they verified my name, they stated they weren't waiting for us. Some more time waiting until another person from that group came to us and asked our name and saw that we were on the list. It worried us a lot and the communication could/should be better in this! Besides that, a recommended tour.

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