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Tours to Omiš from Seget Donji

60.00 €
(Per person)

Half day rafting tour with transfer from Trogir, Okrug Gornji and Seget

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For all adventurous types, this tour offers an unforgettable rafting experience. Surround.... Read more

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Our guests personal experiences on tours to Omiš from Seget Donji

Tours to Omiš from Seget Donji

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Three star

Good booking experience. Very nice socially distanced exclusive transfer experience to And from Omiš. Absolute chaos at meeting point where 40+ people had no idea what’s next. Nothing was clearly explained. Transfer to rafting point in a couch bus with all others, hardly anyone bothered to wear a mask. Similar chaos at Cvetina river, where we really felt as if we were a cost unit on a production line, not particularly welcomed, just the next load they had to take down the river before the afternoon crowed appears. Once the four of us got allocated to our boat that we had to share with another 9 people, we were given some basic instructions. I have to admit, our guide was very experienced. The river And the canyon is beautiful, it’s worth a prayer, but avoid in high season if you don’t want to play “paddle-fight” With many others on the water. We got lucky with the virus, only half as many tourists in Croatia in August than normal

Gabriella C., United Kingdom

On excursion: Half day rafting tour with transfer from Trogir, Okrug Gornji and Seget