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Tours to Split from Seget Donji

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Full Day Tour in Trogir and Split from Trogir and Šibenik

Enjoy this full day walking tour as you explore two historical cities in Croatia, Split a!... Read more

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Seget Donji

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Tours to Split from Seget Donji

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Five star

We are a couple of true fans of Game of Thrones, and it was a delight to see these locations. Besides the fact that the filming was done here, the locations are very beautiful and inspiring. Split and its surroundings have a rich historical value. I'm glad a had the opportunity to see Klis fortress, and the mesmerizing view from up there. And the food in Stella.. I can only say the crew ate well :)

Tristin K., United Kingdom

On excursion: Explore the Game of Thrones filming locations in Split and Klis