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Tours to Belogradchik Rocks from Sofia

The Belogradchik Rocks​ are a collection of strange, almost bizarre natural rock formations situated about 3 hours driving north of Sofia. They are proclaimed a Natural Landmark by the Bulgarian government and are an important tourist attraction of the region. Apart form the rocks you will have the opportunity to see the famous Belogradchik fortress. Read more about visiting the Belogradchik rocks from Sofia in our short guide.

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Belogradchik Rocks & Belogradchik Fortress - Full day Tour from Sofia

Witness one of the nature wanders of Europe and learn more about the history and culture .... Read more

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Tips for taking a tour to Belogradchik Rocks from Sofia

Tips for taking a tour to Belogradchik Rocks from Sofia
The Belogradchik ​rocks are a rather unusual natural phenomenon situated on the western slopes of the Balkan Mountains. The rocks are formed as pillars, some even reaching 200 meters in height. There are some scientific theories on how the process of erosion and other natural processes made those formations, but the rocks still they look very mysterious and out of this world.

There are about five groups of these pillars spread over 50 km square. Over the years people living in the region named all of them (mostly based on the shape of each rock formation) and even some legends formed, which are very interesting.

An important sight is also the Belogradchik Fortress which is one of the best preserved strongholds in Bulgaria. The amazing walls of the fortress are 12 meters in height and 2 meters wide at the foundation.

Both the rocks and the fortress got their name from the small village in the vicinity, Belogradchik, which literally translated means "small white city".

Belogradchik is situated about 180 km nort from Sofia and you can expect a 3 hour drive to reach your destination.​ Taking a tour to Belogradchik is definitely a nice experience as you spend most of the day walking in nature.
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Our guests personal experiences on tours to Belogradchik Rocks from Sofia

Tours to Belogradchik Rocks from Sofia

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Five star

We are very satisfied of this trip. The booking process on the website, the van and the meeting pick-up were perfect. Our guide Ekaterina very nice and funny. She leaded us into a well explained path and she made us also live some adventure on the rocks. The time table respected and the place so beautiful. We will recommend it if you want to spend some time also among the Balcans.

Angela C., Italy

On excursion: Belogradchik Rocks & Belogradchik Fortress - Full day Tour from Sofia