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If you are considering visiting the Blue Cave - you are already on the right track! We do have some tips to consider so there are no surprises on the day of the tour - view our Blue Cave recommendations.

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Blue Cave - The 5 Islands Speedboat Tour - A Complete Guide

The Blue Cave Tour, or frequently called the 5 islands boat tour, or sometimes even 6 islands boat tour, is the most popular speedboat tour itinerary starting from Split. Most speedboats have similar itineraries varying just in smaller details so we think the boat photos, the price and the reviews should influence mostly your decision on which one to pick.

There are several things you should be aware when you decide to go on a boat tour to visit the Blue Cave from Split. First of all - the ride is quite long - even the fastest speedboats take about 1:15 hours to get there from Split. This means that the ride is not such a comfortable one but it could be characterized more as a thrill ride - which is not necessarily a bad thing. Some tours allow smaller children on the boat but it might not be so comfortable for them especially if the weather will be less then optimal.

The next thing to know is that the cave can get very crowded and you will have to wait to enter the Blue Cave - sometimes shortly, like 15 minutes, but sometimes even up to an hour. You can of course swim while waiting so it's not that hard to wait :) Other facts about the Blue Cave: the cave is actually quite small and the visit lasts about 5 minutes. Don't get me wrong, the cave is beautiful and everything but a few photos and that is it. Since commonly asked, it's good to note that swimming is prohibited in the cave. Another thing to note is that the lightning inside the cave is so dim that it's very hard to take a good photo inside the cave.

All in all, should you take a boat tour to the Blue Cave? You should! Most tours actually don't take you just to see the Blue Cave but lots of other destinations so you can't go wrong. But keep in mind the long and sometimes bumpy boat ride.We wish you a great time!

Here is also a quick overview of the 9 most typical destinations visited on the 5(6) islands boat tour. Please note that this is just general information and you should check each tour description to be sure which stops are included. Also the list is created by the most common order in which the locations are visited.

Blue Cave Island Biševo

1. Blue Cave (Island Biševo)

The Blue Cave is a small cave in which you can enter only from the sea by smaller boats. The natural beauty of the cave comes from the fact that there are underwater passages through which sunlight passes and colors the cave walls in a sparkly blue shade. The entrances are organized by local boats so you will have to transfer from the speedboat with which you arrived to a smaller boat suitable for visiting the cave.

Monk Seal Cave Island Biševo

2. Monk Seal Cave (Island Biševo)

Another cave, but much less popular, the Monk Seal cave (localy called "Medvidina špilja) is the longest cave on the same island. Only a few tours actually visit the cave for several reasons - being about 160 m long, after about 50 meters there is almost no light so you would need a flashlight to continue. Also the entrance to the cave is about 5 m wide and so only in the perfect conditions it's possible to enter the cave by boat. Some boats stop in front and let adventurers swim inside it :)

Komiža Island Vis

3. Komiža (Island Vis)

Komiža is the second largest village on the island of Vis with about 1500 inhabitants. Komiža is a picturesque small fishing village so beautiful that you might consider spending your next vacation here. Some tours stop here for a short coffee break before heading to Stiniva.

Stiniva Bay Island Vis

4. Stiniva Bay (Island Vis)

The bay won an award for being the best beach in 2016. The beautiful cliffs surrounding the beach and the hard to reach attribute (since it's almost inaccessible by land) makes it a very special place - a hidden gem. With the gained popularity it's not so hidden any more, but still a beautiful location to visit. Almost all tours include the visit to Stiniva.

Green Cave Island Ravnik

5. Green Cave (Island Ravnik)

The Green Cave is situated on the island Ravnik. Due to lots of algae that are covering the seabed under and in front of the cave, the whole cave is illuminated in a greenish color. Contrary to the Blue Cave, swimming is allowed in the Green Cave. Since from recently the local authorities started charging the entrance to the Green Cave (about 10€ per person), most boat tours didn't include the entrance ticket in their price, so entrance is optional. Usually if all the guests agree not to enter, the location is skipped entirely.

Island Budikovac

6. Island Budikovac

A very small island, with another 2 even smaller islands just next to it, the Island Budikovac is an amazing place for a short swimming break. Due to the crystal clear sea, this place is also sometimes called the Blue Lagoon. Please don't confuse this "Blue Lagoon" with the more popular Blue Lagoon between the Island Drvenik Veli and the Krknjaši islands which is also available to visit from Split. Why there are 2 places having the same name "Blue Lagoon" is beyond us :) Most tours make a stop either here or in Stončica bay.

Stoncica bay Island Vis

7. Stončica bay (Island Vis)

While some consider the Island Budikovac a more beautiful location, due to it's raising popularity some tours changed the itinerary to include a swimming stop in the Stončica bay. It's yet another beautiful beach on the island of Vis which will have plenty of room for sunbathing and swimming. The beach is bigger and also less crowded than Stiniva bay so a much more relaxing experience.

Pakleni Islands

8. Pakleni Islands

Pakleni Islands is an archipelago with lots of small islands situated in front of the town Hvar on the Hvar island. The most popular bay is Palmižana bay where most tours take a stop. Here you will have the opportunity to have lunch. Since this place is quite exclusive - when you see the yachts that are there you will understand - the lunch can be quite expensive. Ask your skipper for a recommendation. Some tours just pass through the Pakleni Islands for a panoramic viewing and just proceed to Hvar.

Hvar Island Hvar

9. Hvar (Island Hvar)

Hvar is one of the most popular island towns in central Dalmatia. Lots of people come here to spend several days and it's quite popular among younger people for a great night life. Apart from that, the city was throughout history an important and strategic harbor so lots of interesting sights and stories to be heard. A lot of people ask for more time on Hvar and the itineraries are somewhat listening to that demand. However if you would like to just take a tour to Hvar - it's almost impossible as tours to just Hvar tend to be canceled due to low number of bookings. Taking a "Blue Cave" tour is a much more reliable way to see Hvar as well, even if you will have only about an hour, an hour and a half at most.

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Our guests personal experiences on tours to Blue cave from Split

Tours to Blue cave from Split

(4.8/5 based on 56 reviews)
Five star

Simple and efficient booking process with Happy To Visit. Quick confirmation and good customer service. Reminder message the night before confirming pick up time and place was a nice touch. Early start but well worth it, what a fabulous day out. Mayer Charter Hosts were welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable. Beautiful islands with plenty of time to explore, swim or eat. Blue Cave unfortunately closed due to tide levels (Mother Nature for you!) but guides adjusted times elsewhere to make the most of our day. Bit disappointed in Green Caves (for the cost) but if this goes toward conservation and protection of the gorgeous clean waters then money well spent. Hvar on the other hand was stunning, and the hike up to the castle is well worth the views from the top. The open water ride out and back was extremely rough due to the wind & waves, but handled expertly by Anthony. Felt completely at ease and safe in his hands. Top tip for the ladies though, wear a sports bra..,a bikini just doesn’t cut-it bumping over the waves!! 🤣 A fun filled day trip which I’d highly recommend, thank you Mayer Charter and Happy to Visit 💯👍

Angela W.

On excursion: Blue Cave - Five Islands Tour from Split
Five star

It was a lovely trip, we had the chance to visit the places without much crowd given that the previous day it rained. The guides were very kind and showed us a lot of exciting places. They made a pre-reservation to a restaurant in case you wanted to have lunch there. We did not know about this and for this reason, we prepared our own lunch. It would have been great if we had known this beforehand given that the restaurant looked really nice. They give you enough time to visit and take pictures of every destination. They also help you all the time to get in and out of the boat. The trip was at some times a bit abrupt because there were big waves. This was a bit scary sometimes. But the guides knew how to minimize the impact and we felt safe almost all the time.

Marta E., Spain

On excursion: Blue Cave Tour with Luxury Boat from Split
Five star

Nice Crew and fantastic journey

Peng Cao C., Germany

On excursion: Blue Cave - 5 Islands Speedboat Tour from Split
Five star

This was really good fun trip and the boat ride out was great fun. Our guides (I'm sure the lad said his nickname was Milky?! 🤣) made the day interesting and my wife loved seeing where mama Mia was filmed! If I'm honest, I thought the blue cave itself was a huge disappointment and doesn't live up at all to the hype but there's nothing you guys can do about that and I'd give the crew & the trip 5 stars for making it a fun day and it's worth it for the speed boat ride alone

James B., United Kingdom

On excursion: Blue Cave - 5 Islands Speedboat Tour from Split