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Tours to Bol (Island Brač) from Split

The city of Bol, situated on the island of Brač, is most famous for the world famous beach Zlatni Rat (or Golden Horn). Lots of day trippers visit Bol for swimming and relaxation but also to experience the atmosphere of one of the oldest coastal villages of the Croatian islands. View our short guide to visiting Bol from Split to learn more.

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Short guide on visitng Bol from Split

Short guide on visitng Bol from Split
Bol is situated on the island of Brač, the closest island to Split, and it's the oldest coastal city of this island. Its most iconic sight is the beach Zlatni Rat (Golden Horn) which gave Bol significant global popularity and it became one of the most visited island cities of Croatia.

The Zlatni Rat beach is a cape long over 1000 meters protruding into the sea. Its a pebble beach and it's unique shape quickly became the trademark of not only Bol and the island of Brač, but also of Croatian tourism as a whole. The image of the Golden Horn beach can be seen in almost any tourist guide of Croatia. A particularly beautiful panoramic view of the beach can be seen from the highest hill of Brač, Vidova Gora.

Bol is situated on the south part of the island of Brač so the tours there will take you around the island and you will have a chance to enjoy the beautiful sceneries of the islands Brač and Šolta. The vicinity of Bol makes it ideal for bigger and slower boats, and along Hvar and the Blue Lagoon, makes it one of the most visited boat tour destination from Split. Offering a comfortable ride, tours to Bol are most frequently enjoyed by families with children and seniors, but even younger people enjoy the slow sailing, drinks on board, swimming and a more relaxing and slow paced itinerary then the ones organized with speedboats.

Visiting the iconic world famous Croatian beach is definitely the highlight of tours to Bol and we highly recommend it!
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Our guests personal experiences on tours to Bol (Island Brač) from Split

Tours to Bol (Island Brač) from Split

(4.8/5 based on 23 reviews)
Five star

Not bad at all. Perfect tour if you don’t want to be guided everywhere. Takes you to bol though it makes a stop at slots to pick up more people. The beach at bol is a most. They were punctual on departures all the time so be there on time. Recommend the company.

Joselin E., Spain

On excursion: Catamaran Tour to Golden Horn and Bol from Split and Nečujam
Five star

Everything perfect!!!


On excursion: Boat Tour to Bol & Golden Horn, Hidden Bays and Inland of Brač from Split
Five star

We really enjoyed this trip! We booked it from the UK and were a bit worried about value for money and crowds but it was excellent. We weren’t fully sure about the pick up location as not a lot of detail was given but it was easy to find the boat. Although there were a lot of people, it didn’t feel over crowded on the boat. The staff were excellent (especially the main host) and it was such a great way to pack a lot into a single day. We wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.

Bethany S., United Kingdom

On excursion: Boat Tour to Bol & Golden Horn, Hidden Bays and Inland of Brač from Split
Five star

Amazing trip to Bol, the food and open bar were great. I would recommend this trip to anyone visiting Split!

Jennifer M., Ireland

On excursion: Boat Tour to Golden Horn Beach - Bol from Split