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Split Day Tours & Trips

The central Dalmatia is a wonderful place to discover and this day tours from Split will show you the beautiful surroundings. Read our guide top 10 recommended day tours from Split to help you decide!

396.09 €
(Per group)

Private Tour: Šolta Wine tasting with ferry from Split

Discover the island Šolta and its picturesque landscape. Visit an authentic agricultural .... Read more

120.00 €
(Per group)

Full Day Tour to Velebit Tulove grede and Small Prince from Split or Trogir

Hike and climb on the Croatian mountain! Discover Natural Park Velebit, Cerovac Caves (Lo!... Read more

594.14 €
(Per group)

Dubrovnik and Ston - Full Day Private Tour from Split

Enjoy the beautiful panoramic drive along Croatia’s coastline.Visit Dubrovnik,one of the .... Read more

600.00 €
(Per group)

Full Day Private Trip to Blue Lagoon, Brač and Trogir from Split

Book without credit card

If you want to spend a perfect day at the sea, join us on this tour from Split. Enjoy sig.... Read more

90.00 €
(Per group)

Half Day Tour to Mountain Perun via ferrata from Split or Trogir

Book this tour and enjoy hiking on mountain Perun and experience beautiful views on other!... Read more

90.00 €
(Per group)

Night Hiking on Mountain Kozjak from Split or Trogir

Climb and hike on the mountain Kozjak in night time and be amazed by the views on town Sp!... Read more

235.00 €
(Per group)

Full Day Čikola Canyoning Tour from Split or Trogir

Book this Čikola canyoning tour and discover all the beauties that the canyon offers!... Read more

612.63 €
(Per group)

Private Tour: Blue Cave & Hvar Island from Split or Trogir

Escape the crowd and relevel all the beauties off this Croatian islands on this private t.... Read more

620.00 €
(Per group)

Full Day Tour to Hvar and Pakleni Islands from Split

Book without credit card

Spend an unforgettable day with us on this exciting full day boat tour. You will visit on.... Read more

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Top 10 Recommended Day Tours and Trips from Split

Split is becoming more and more popular tourist destination in recent years and lot of the attention is thanks to the fact that there are lots of opportunities to see beautiful places in the vicinity of Split. While there are countless of destinations, here we will pick out for you some of the most popular and for which there are organized tours at reasonable prices.

We highly recommend taking day tours from Split if you are staying a few days here as every destination has lots to offer and is worth every minute of your time.

Krka National Park

1. Krka National Park

This is by far the most raccommendet day tour destination. It’s only about one hour drive and the scenary is absolutely amazing. If you can take only one of the tours that are listed here and you are not sure which one to pick, look no further! View all day tours to Krka National Park


2. Dubrovnik

If you are not continuing you trip to Dubrovnik than it might be a good idea to go there for one day. It is quite a long drive but is absolutely worth taking a day tour to Dubrovnik. The well preserved city architecture is something unlike anything you seen! View all day tours to Dubrovnik from Split

Plitvice Lakes National Park

3. Plitvice Lakes National Park

Plitvice lakes national park is the most famous and the most visited national parks in Croatia and it’s so big that it would probably take you a few days to fully explore the park. The downside is that is quite a long ride from Split but if you are ready for it, we highly recommend it! View all day trips to Plitvice Lakes from Split

blue cave on island bisevo

4. Blue Cave (on Island Biševo)

While this day tour destination from Split is definitely not for everyone since it’s a long boat ride, it is one of the most unique places in Croatia. The Blue Cave is a fantastic sight to behold and the photo you take inside will probably end up on your living room shelf. View all day tours to Blue Cave from Split


5. Mostar

Mostar is a city that is very fascinating historically and architecturally, and the best destination the view the differences of Christian and Muslim culture, as the river divides the cultural population. On one side of the river you can see lots of Mosques and on the other side of the river, only churches. The two sides are connected by the famous old bridge that gave the name to the city. View all day tours to Mostar from Split

Hvar on Island Hvar

6. Hvar (on Island Hvar)

Due to its geographical position, Hvar was one of the main ports of the region for all the boats passing through. The port is also surrounded by small islands which are a great natural protection and so Hvar obtained a rich history of trade and currently is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Croatia. View all day tours to Hvar from Split

golden horn on Island Brac

7. Golden Horn (on Island Brač)

The Golden Horn in another beach that is very popular and is situated in the city of Bol on the Island Brač. It is recognized by it’s unique shape which is influenced by daily weather so the point of the beach is moving depending on the time of day. View all day tours to Golden Horn from Brač

Stiniva Beach on Island Vis

8. Stiniva Beach (on Island Vis)

Stiniva Beach become one of the most popular beaches in Croatia after it won several rewards and acknowledgments in popular travel magazines and websites. It is absolutely amazing and a highly recommended destination while visiting Split. View all day tours to Stiniva Beach from Split

cetina river

9. Cetina river

The canyon of the Cetina River offers many adventurers possibilities for day tours. Rafting being the most popular option but you can also experience canyoning, zipline and other interesting activities. It’s mostly for adventurers so if you are one of the, we recommend taking a day tour to the Cetina river as the canyon itself gives an amazing experience. View all day tours to the Cetina River canyon from Split

blue lagoon on island drvenik veli

10. Blue Lagoon (on Island Drvenik Veli)

Being very close to Split and have one of the most beautiful sea floor, the blue lagoon is becoming an increasingly more popular destination for day tours from Split. If you want a short boat ride and an amazing place to have a swim, this is a tour destination that we highly suggest. View all day tours to Blue Lagoon from Split

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Our guests personal experiences on Split Day Tours & Trips

Split Day Tours & Trips

(4.7/5 based on 352 reviews)
Five star

The rafting tour was very adventurous. The two guides were very competent and took us to dreamlike places with their very warm, funny and trustworthy manner. This tour was a birthday present - I could not have wished for a better day. Especially since you can experience Croatia from a completely different perspective! I definitely recommend it to everyone!

Ana S.

On excursion: Rafting Experience on River Cetina in Omiš - Pickup from Split and Makarska
Five star

I would highly recommend! Great trip, very nice crew, beautiful islands, wonderful experience!

Ivana Đ., Ireland

On excursion: Boat Trip: Hvar, the bays of Pakleni Islands & Brač from Split
Five star

I had an absolutely amazing ride, the staff are so lovely and friendly and the horses were all healthy and very well looked after. I definitely would recommend if you want a lovely scenic horse ride and some fun (for more advanced riders obviously!)

Leanne C., United Kingdom

On excursion: Field Horseback Riding in Trilj
Five star

It was a fantastic day on the boat. Really enjoyed every aspect of it: Visit to beautiful Trogir, super tasty lunch on the other boat and swim in the blue lagoon. And It's extremely good value for money. Highly recommended.

Peter S., United Kingdom

On excursion: Full Day Boat Trip to Blue Lagoon, Island Šolta, Čiovo and Trogir from Split and Trogir