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Tours to Maslinica (Island Šolta) from Split

8h 30m
55.86 €
(Per person)

Three Island Tour (Blue Lagoon, Shipwreck, Maslinica) from Split

Three Island Tour by Max Nautica takes one on a journey through best spots in Split surro.... Read more

39.90 €
(Per person)

Full Day Boat Trip to Blue Lagoon, Island Šolta, Čiovo and Trogir from Split and Trogir

Book without credit card

Combine a day of relaxing on the sea with sightseeing in one of the most beautiful places.... Read more

9h 30m
85.00 €
(Per person)

Full Day Blue Lagoon 4 Islands and Trogir from Split

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Don't miss the opportunity to experience an adrenaline ride across the Adriatic Sea on a !... Read more

40.00 €
(Per group)

Full Day Snorkeling Tour from Trogir and Split

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Don't miss this amazing tour and discover all the beauty of Šolta Island. You can explore.... Read more

700.00 €
(Per group)

Brač, Šolta & Blue Lagoon Private Speedboat Tour from Split or Trogir (for up to 11 people)

Spend your day on this exciting private speedboat tour and explore some of the most beaut.... Read more

120.00 €
(Per group)

Diving Excursion on Šolta Island from Trogir & Split

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Discover a new world with us, experience the hidden secrets of underworld Adriatic. Fall .... Read more

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Our guests personal experiences on tours to Maslinica (Island Šolta) from Split

Tours to Maslinica (Island Šolta) from Split

(4.5/5 based on 51 reviews)
Five star

Great day trip to three beautiful locations! First stop: I will say that the shipwreck is slightly underwhelming and the boat stops quite far away from it, so that children or less confident swimmers might find it difficult to get there and back in time. Google says it’s a sailing boat that sank about a decade ago, so the backstory is not all that romantic or mysterious. Second stop: The blue lagoon was amazing but it would be better to bring swim shoes as the water is very shallow and there are many rocks and sea urchins. We weren’t that well equipped but I still enjoyed it a lot, it just took longer to get in and out of the water. The lunch is included and was tasty. The options are grilled vegetables, grilled chicken or fish, accompanied by a little salad and some bread. Beware if you’re squeamish because the fish is served whole, so you need to clean it yourself. Third stop: Maslinica is a cute little town on the Isle of Šolta and was really pretty. I will say that an hour stop isn’t really long enough to explore it thoroughly, so we stayed close to the pier and enjoyed the crystal clear sea. I think I would have preferred to stay at the blue lagoon longer and swim instead but it was still nice to see. The crew was very friendly and made the trip enjoyable. You will need 100 kuna as a deposit to rent the snorkels, so be sure to have some cash on you!

Isabella G., Germany

On excursion: Three Island Tour (Blue Lagoon, Shipwreck, Maslinica) from Split
Five star

This was a fun day for our family: my husband and I and 4 children ages 22 to 10. We booked the trip online which was very easy, except I missed where you sign up for the lunch choices and ended up needing to call. They had options to be picked up by boat from Split, Slatine, and Kaštela-Gomilica (where we were staying) and taken to Trogir. I thought this was brilliant. The morning of the trip, however, they emailed and said they were not able to pick us up, so we called uber to take us to Trogir. The company was very apologetic and provided a discount to help cover our added expense. With a full boat, the trip began at 11:45am. There was drink available at all times throughout the trip: water, soda, and wine. First stop was Čiovo, where we had lunch on another boat set up with tables and benches. The lunches were excellent; fish (served with head and tail), chicken, and roasted veggies and cheese, all served with bread and salad. There was a short time for swimming after lunch. Next stop (2pm) was Blue Lagoon. We had 1 hour 10 minutes for swimming and snorkeling. The water here is beautiful! Next stop (about 4pm), after a windy and wet ride was Šolta Island. Cute little town! We had about an hour here. 5pm back to the boat and to an extremely wet return ride to Trogir. We arrived there at around 6:15. Then the company provided a driver to transport us back to our neighborhood in Kaštela. *It would be very useful if the company would say something online about the likelihood of getting very wet while riding, so that planning the trip is done more appropriately (keeping swimsuits on for entire day, protection for phones and cameras, etc). Luckily, we had chosen to bring rain jackets to help with chilly wind, but we still got soaked. Most people wore their swimsuits on the trip, which is appropriate for the amount of water you will be exposed to. Anyway, overall a very nice day. Would recommend!

Jennifer R., United States

On excursion: Full Day Boat Trip to Blue Lagoon, Island Šolta, Čiovo and Trogir from Split and Trogir
Five star

We entered the boat from Trogir. Everything was well organized and the food and the drinks were nice! The restaurant is a boat on the sea and the drinks are fully unlimited. Also thr music was very nice. We can recommend the trip to everyone!

Natalie R.

On excursion: Full Day Boat Trip to Blue Lagoon, Island Šolta, Čiovo and Trogir from Split and Trogir
Five star

Great tour. Well organised and just right timings. The organisers were there to meet us at the scheduled time, where we then set of as described. The lunch provided was good and most importantly kid friendly...Chicken, salad and bread. There were drinks and water available throughout the trip and a watermelon snack provided on the way back late afternoon. Also had good music playing throughout the trip. The stops and durations there were just right. Be prepared to swim right from the boat at the blue lagoon as the boat does not dock on land there. The next dock on land is at maslinca where you can go to the beach or some restaurants. There were no sandy beaches in sight though. All in all a good day enjoyed by both adults and children and well worth the price.

Ekleba O.

On excursion: Full Day Boat Trip to Blue Lagoon, Island Šolta, Čiovo and Trogir from Split and Trogir