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Tours to Sakarun Beach (Dugi otok) from Zadar

Saharun is the most popular beach in this region of the Adriatic. It's a beautiful sand beach 800 m long, but the most interesting fact is that the whole bay is shallow and at about 250 m from the coast the depth is only about 3.5 m. And ideal place for swimming especially for children. View our guide for visiting Saharun for more details.

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Saharun Beach Full Day Boat Tour by Zvijezda Kvarnera from Zadar

4.5 star rating:Very Good

Saharun beach is one of the top 5 beaches in Croatia - join us and explore this 800 meter!... Read more

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Saharun Beach by Private Speed Boat from Zadar

5 star rating:Very Good
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Embark on an exclusive boat tour through the beautiful Adriatic Sea. Visit the Zverinac I.... Read more

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Guide to visiting Sakarun Beach from Zadar

Guide to visiting Sakarun Beach from Zadar
Saharun (sometimes called Sakarun) is a bay situated on the west coast of the island Dugi Otok. It's a very popular destination for day tours especially for families with children as it provides the perfect place for swimming and playing in shallow waters.

The beach is 800 meters long and very shallow, being only 3.5 meters deep at 250 meters from the coast. This provides lots of area for enjoying swimming, bathing and many different water sports that especially children enjoy.

The boat tours starting from Zadar to Sakarun usually take you to the small village Božava which is situated close to Sakarun but on the other side of the island. This is because the boat would take a long time to circle around the island so it's reachable much quicker this way. In Božava, depending on the tour, you will board a bus or a train that will take you there. This ride is very short and it lasts about 10 minutes. When you arrive to Sakarun you will have about 4 hours to enjoy it. Swim, dive, sunbathe, or enjoy cocktails on the beach - it's up to you.

It's also worth to note that the boat ride from Zadar to Saharun is also an amazing experience as you will sail among many islands of the Zadar archipelago which provide amazing panoramic views.
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Our guests personal experiences on tours to Sakarun Beach (Dugi otok) from Zadar

Tours to Sakarun Beach (Dugi otok) from Zadar

5 star rating:Very Good (4.8/5 based on 4 reviews)
Five star

Boat and host were great, my only objection is that should be included longer time to spend on beach, 3.5 hours was to short period. It will be better to be longer there.

Valentina B., Croatia

On excursion: Saharun Beach Full Day Boat Tour by Zvijezda Kvarnera from Zadar
Five star

beautiful day trip. Fascinating beaches, and nature. We were very relaxed and enjoyed every moment on the boat. Thank you happytovisit

Issy C., United Kingdom

On excursion: Saharun Beach by Private Speed Boat from Zadar
Four star

Me and my partner found the excursion a relaxing expeirience.Approximatly 2/3rd's of this trip is spent on the boat.Which we thoughouly enjoyed as we like being on the open seas.This is probably the most direct and quickest route you can take to get to Saharun beach from Zadar.Once we set sail we were all given a shot of grappa which certainly wakes you up!Our guide was excellent using a chartered map to explain to anyone were we were going if they were unsure.Cheese & ham rolls were given to everyone and also a basic packed lunch with a bottle of water.Once we arrived at Dugi Otok there was a short walk to catch a waiting coach for a short drive to Sahurun beach.The beach and sea water are beautiful,shallow clear water.Ideal for non swimmers and children.Ther are 3 beach bars selling ice creams and drinks.Me and the wife opted to use the central beach bar (the one with the decking) and ordered tequila sunrises .They were that nice we had another round.good prices and service.You get approx. 3 1/2 hours to spend at the beach.The tour is reasonable value for money and I would reccomend it.

Gary L., United Kingdom

On excursion: Saharun Beach Full Day Boat Tour by Zvijezda Kvarnera from Zadar