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Zagreb is the capital of Croatia and a city of historic and natural beauty. There are numerous possibilities when it comes to activities, whether you want to explore its centre with all the major attractions or go on a daily tour to the nearby cities, so view all the tours or check our list of top 10 activities in Zagreb to help you choose what to do.

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Private Wine Tasting Tour in Zagreb Countryside

You are invited on an adventure through the Croatian wine country surrounding Zagreb- Ple.... Read more

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Samobor City Day Trip Private Tour from Zagreb

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Every week, particularly over weekends, several thousands of visitors come to Samobor. Ma.... Read more

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Varaždin City Tour from Zagreb

Explore with us the historic city of Varazdin on a day trip from Zagreb.... Read more

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Two Hours Walking Tour of Zagreb

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Learn about the Zagreb its history. You will explore the most relevant locations, orienta!... Read more

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Top 10 Things to do in Zagreb

Zagreb is the capital and the largest city in Croatia so it has a lot of possibilities to offer regarding activities and things to do, whether you want to explore the city with an expert guide, bike around the capital, climb up the Medvednica hill, or simply go on a daily tour to the surrounding cities. We have tried to make it easier for you, so we have chosen these 10 Top Things to Do:
Hop on and explore the city on Bike tours

1. Hop-on and explore the city on Bike tours

Zagreb is a very ecologically aware city and many residents choose bikes instead of cars. The bike paths are all over the city, so why not try a different way to explore the city and go sightseeing on a bike tour with an expert guide. You will see all the major attractions and some breathtaking views as you paddle along the capital, you will stay in shape and at the same time you won't have to walk, so take a look at all the Bike Tours from Zagreb

Walk through the history of Zagreb on a Walking Tour

2. Walk through the history of Zagreb on a Walking Tour

Zagreb is a charming city with lots of hidden stories and beautiful attractions. We suggest to you to explore the city on our various walking tours with an expert guide who will let you know the history and secrets of the city and take you to all the "not to miss places". You simply must visit the attractions such as the "Ban Jelačić square", the "Saint Mark's Church", the beautiful "Zrinjevac park", the Lotršćak tower and its Grič cannon, and make sure you stop by the "Stone Gate" or in Croatian "Kamenita Vrata" and light a candle for your loved ones. Don't hesitate and take a look at all the walking tours in Zagreb

Explore the magical National Park Plitvice Lakes

3. Explore the magical National Park Plitvice Lakes

The Plitvice Lakes are the oldest and one of the most beautiful national parks in Croatia. It has been under the protection of UNESCO since 1979 and it is one of the most visited destinations in Croatia. You simply must visit this natural jewel. The waters flowing over the limestone have created over thousand of years natural dams and beautiful lakes, hidden caves and magical cascading waterfalls. So don't think twice and view all the tours to Plitvice from Zagreb

Taste some of the best Croatian wines on a Wine Tour

4. Taste some of the best Croatian wines on a Wine Tour

If you are wine lover and you are interested what Croatia has to offer, join one of the wine tours. Even though you are in Zagreb, you will have the opportunity to taste not only wines from Zagreb region but also from other parts of Croatia. You can visit the oldest wine shop in Zagreb where you can learn about wine making process, why Croatian wines are so good and taste some of the best! You can combine Zagreb sightseeing with wine tasting and at the same time learn the history of the city and enjoy wine tasting. Or you can take a tour from Zagreb to the beautiful small town Samobor and enjoy a combination of bike tour and wine tasting. See our offer here.

Visit Krapina and explore the Krapina Neanderthal Museum

5. Visit Krapina and explore the Krapina Neanderthal Museum

Krapina is the main city of Croatian Zagorje. It is small, picturesque city which hide the secret of the Neanderthal men. Krapina is famous for the world`s largest collection of Neanderthal man, thanks to archeologist and paleontologist Dragutin Gorjanović-Kramberger who found over eight hundred fossil remains belonging to Neanderthals. Here you can find Krapina Neanderthal Museum, which will tell you the stories about the people of Krapina from the Stone Age, who lived in this area 125,000 years ago. Check our offer for Krapina tours.

Enjoy the romantic ride through the city on a Vintage Car Tour

6. Enjoy the romantic ride through the city on a Vintage Car Tour

Go back in time and explore Zagreb on the most unique way! Take a classic car tour and enjoy your ride while your driver tells you the stories about the rich history and culture of the main city of Croatia. See the main attractions like Zagreb Cathedral, Zrinjevac park, Tomislav square, drive through the beautiful streets, take a great pictures…have fun! If you are in Zagreb at the time of Advent, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a special atmosphere on the best Christmas market in Europe.

Discover Varazdin and Trakoscan Castle

7. Discover Varaždin and Trakošćan Castle

Varaždin is one of the oldest Central European cities and the former capital of Croatia. Its charming baroque architecture is a "not to miss" destination when in Zagreb. It was once the home of some of the wealthiest nobles, landowners, and artists whose legacy can be seen throught the whole city. Another treasure in the vicinity is the glorious Trakošćan Castle, home of the fomer Drašković family and today a museum with some of the best preserved weapon, furniture and painting collections, so view all the tours to Varaždin and Trakošćan

Explore the Medvednica hill (Sljeme)

8. Explore the Medvednica hill (Sljeme)

The Medvednica hill is well known in the world due to skiing championships, but also some of the oldest parts of Zagreb were built on the slopes of the hill. It is popularly known as "Sljeme", it's highest peak and it is the no.1 destination when it comes to hiking, going on picnic and relaxing in nature. We invite you to explore the magical breathtaking views and scenery, preserved nature and medieval fortresses, whether you want to take a challenge of biking up the hill or simply enjoying yourself. View all the tours to Medvednica Hill from Zagreb

Visit Slovenia and Lake Bled

9. Visit Slovenia and Lake Bled

After exploring the city of Zagreb and its surroundings, we suggest to you to grab the opportunity and visit the small, charming nearby country of Slovenia and explore its capital Ljubljana and the magical Lake Bled. Ljubljana holds many beauties which are yours to explore and to complete your visit of Slovenia a "not to miss" is the Lake Bled whose ethereal beauty will leave you breathless. The natural surroundings, the small church on the island and the glorious castle are simply inviting, so take a look at all the Lake Bled Tours from Zagreb

Reveal the beauty of Postojna Cave

10. Reveal the beauty of Postojna Cave

Postojna Cave is a 24 km long karst cave system located in Slovenia near Postojna, and also one of the most visited locations in Slovenia after Lake Bled. Hidden passages, galleries and chambers, stalactites and stalagmites give this location a unique touch. Take a ride on a small train through the underground of the largest Karst caves in Europe and enjoy some breathtaking views. It is simply a "must visit location" so take a look at our Postojna Cave tour from Zagreb

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Booked this trip last minute and was not disappointed. We booked a small group trip and thought we would be picked up in a mini bus with other guests. Instead we were met by our driver Ivica in a taxi just for the 2 of us. Ivica let us tailor our trip to and from the park, stopping off at places that were not included. Great, friendly driver and would definitely recommend.

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Luka contacted us for a meeting point and was punctual, professional and nice. He was knowledgeable and helpful. Super clean and comfortable Opel van. The short notice trip was also brought together by Happy to Visit so thank you and MLM transport! We have noticed that the drivers are polite and quiet unless asked ask if you want answers! Thank you Luka! Enjoyed our worry free transfer with Luka! There was an issue with pricing as it was inaccurate due our travel wishes but it was reconciled before trip.

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Hrvoje fue un excelente driver, ameno, cordial y con muy buena disposición. Tanto la contratación del tour como el pick up por el hotel como los horarios establecidos fueron cumplidos con eficiencia y exactitud. Disfrutamos el día!!! Muchas gracias

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The trip was very pleasant. The booking was simple, the transportation comfortable and safe, the group was friendly and our guide, Vjeran Vuk was very professional, friendly and helpful. Visiting the lakes is like a contact with paradise, if it exists at all ;-)

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