St. Jure peak

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Sv. Jure, 1 762 m nm

The lookout is located on the top of Biokovo. From the junction of  Vošac on the Biokovo road, 6 km away, and ultimately the origin of the Biokovo road. In addition St. Jure can be reached by hiking trail from Makar through Vošca and from Velikog Brda and Bašković through Lokve from the coastal side or the hinterland sides from Milić and from the top Turija.
- at the top of St. Jure is a television tower and the building of telecommunication devices, and the church of St. Jura, which was built in 1968 in place of the previous church of St. Jure, which was probably built immediately after Christianization, and certainly existed in the 12th century, as evidenced shows through the stone slabs which are located above the altar of the old ruined church. The church commemorates the year 1640, and was restored through the past several times until it finally collapsed in 1965 to gave way to a TV tower and the building of telecommunication devices;
- from the top of St. Jure is a panoramic view of the islands and the hinterland and in extremely good weather it is possible to see the Bosnian-Herzegovinian mountains and neighboring Italy (Monte Gargano).

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