Klis Fortress

The Klis fortress is a medieval fortification located in the city barring the same name. It's located near Split and throughout its 2000 years long history it served as a protective fortification for the dalmatian region, especially during the ottoman wars. The Klis fortress every year organizes a reenactment of the Ottoman wars which involves over 200 actors fully clothed in medieval clothes and you can enjoy the act live, standing just a few meters away from the event. This is usually organized in late July, and it's something not to be missed if you happen to be in the vicinity. Klis also received a lot of popularity after the popular HBO show Game of Thrones was filmed, and the Klis fortress represented the city of Meereen​. There are now several Game of Thrones tours that will take you to visit the Klis fortress as a part of the itinerary.