Saint Mark's cathedral

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St. Marks Chatedral is the most attractive Gothic and Renaissance building in the old town of Korčula.
It was built by local stonemasons in the 14th, 15th and 16th c. with the support of Italian masters. The most famous local stonemason was Marko Andrijić whose masterpieces are the upper part of the campanile and the ciborium above the high altar in the central nave, dedicated to St. Mark, the patron saint of Korčula.
The Gothic and Romanesque main portal was built by the Italian master, Bonino da Milano.
The southern lateral nave is dedicated to St. James, while the northern one is to St. John, with the adjacent St. Rocco chapel.
The altars are adorned with paintings by Jacopo Tintoretto and some other Italian masters.
Notable Croatian sculptors: Frano Čučić, Ivan Meštrović, Ivan Kerdić, Frano Kršinić, Alojzije Lozica and Izvor Oreb.

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