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Manojlovac waterfall is the highest waterfall on the river Krka. The total height difference between the travertine barriers is 59.6 meters, with the highest of them high 32.2 meters.
Manojlovac waterfall is known for been visited on April 17th 1875 by the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph and his wife, Empress Elizabeth, in the history known as Sisi. The memorial plaque has been places here in 1899., then abandoned and forgotten, but in 2011, restored and re-installed on the lookout.
Memorial plaque is located on a cliff known as the Emperor's head, in honor of the visit of the imperial family in 1875. Newly built footpath leads to it. The lookout offers unsurpassed views of the Manojlovac waterfall and its surroundings. The view is particularly striking after rainfalls, when Manojlovac is full of water and truly breathtaking.

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