Benedictine Monastery of St. Margaret

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Since ancient times, the Benedictine nuns who dedicated their lives to the faith had a special and important role in Pag, especially in the education of girls. They taught lace making, the monastery has a free public school with teacher nuns, and there were the first nursery. They shared hardest moments with the population and Pag, humbly praying and working together. During the Second World War II, the monastery was organizing nutrition for children and the poor. In time of homeland war they become associated with Caritas of Italy and France, and friends of the monastery in the world.
Nuns called koldurice in Pag are guardians of relics of the Holy Thorn that was donated to them in 1435 by Franciscan Ivan Tutnić Pažanin. Holy Thorn was brought from the Holy Land and kept in a chest with four keys. Along with a thorn, in the Benedictine treasury in Pag, are kept the miraculous statue of Madonna of the Old Town and the miraculous crucifix from the church of St. Anthony Abbot in the Old Town as most important sanctity of Pag.
This order has very strict conviction and nuns come out of their space only in exceptional cases.
Benedictine nuns
in 2008 have received the annual award of the Zadar County for development of the spiritual culture of the town of Pag.

Benedictine Monastery of St. Margaret - Reviews

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