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Plovdiv is the second largest city in Bulgaria and it's one of the oldest cites in Europe. Some findings indicate a settlement was built here 6th millennium BC and thus it's one of the most important cultural centers in the region. This puts Plovdiv in the center of the Bulgarian tourist map and you should definitely allocate a time to visit this magnificent place. Over the years many different civilizations where living in the city, such as the Thracians​, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Bulgarians and Turks. Finally it was liberated from the Ottoman rule by the Russians and the whole region including the city of Plovdiv became the part of Bulgaria. Having so many different cultures pass over the years, Plovdiv is one of the culturally richest cities in Europe. The city harbors many ancient ruins and excavations such as the Roman Amphitheater, Roman Odeon, Roman Stadium, the archaeological complex Eirene and others. Plovdiv has about 400.000 inhabitants and about 200.000 more live in the larger metro area.

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