Baredine Cave

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Baredine cave, located just 6 kilometers from Porec, open for visits, and can be seen to a depth of 60 meters, with professional guidance. The cave is well known and visited for centuries, and the first documented of research dates back to beginning of last century by the speleologists from Trieste when the cave was explored to a depth of 80 meters. In 1973 cavers from Porec discovered in the lower part of the cave passage to the underground lake, the present depth of the cave. In 1986 the cave, because of its uniqueness, declared as a monument of nature. As speleological object rich with hanging stalactites, stalactites growing stalagmites and stalactite and stalagmite columns, underground halls and the presence of water, which allowed for the survival of the olm and other cave fauna, represents a true natural geomorphic phenomena. In the early nineties specific work began on its arrangement, and since May 1995, is open to visitors. Over the next few years the infrastructure was improved, and conditions for a more enjoyable stay of visitors in the cave were created.

Baredine Cave - Reviews

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