Romanesque house

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Romanesque house is two-storey house located near the square Marafor, along the main street Decumanus. It is one of the few surviving examples of residential architecture of the Romanesque period. It was built in the 13th century. It has already been renovated and upgraded, and the last major alterations were carried out probably in the 18th century. At this stage second floor was partitioned and the wooden balcony was added. This distinctive motif originates only from the subsequent constructions, and can not be considered part of the original Romanesque house. Restoration procedure, executed in 1926, retained the changes incurred during previous reconstructions. Despite numerous interventions, the house has retained the basic characteristics of the Romanesque residential architecture. Ground plan of the house is simple and regular, without internal partition walls. It is built from simple rough-cut blocks. The window on the main façade is typical Romanesque biphora. Until World War II the building was within housing block which was destroyed in the bombing and wasn´t rebuilt, so today Roman house stands as an independent facility.

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