The Šibenik Museum

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The Šibenik museum was established on the 20 th of December 1925 to mark the thousandth anniversary of the Croatian kingdom. The museum is located in the former Duke's palace that's in the vicinity of the cathedral.
The duke's palace is part of the town's costal defensive system; it was built in the 13 th c and 14 th c. The two wings of the once much larger building have been preserved. In this building lived the utmost representative of administration in Šibenik (the town Duke).
The south wing stretches along the coast from the square tower to the polygonal tower. The square tower known as the Duke's tower is the largest building on the coast, and derives from the 14c. Between it and the Bishop's palace is the renaissance town gate from the 16c. In the middle of the ground floor of the Duke's palace, from the south wing, there is a passage with the town gate. Above this gate there is an emblem with the town patron on it (St Michael).
The west wing of the palace faces the vestry of the cathedral. On the south wing of the palace there are 2 doors with simple stone door ways, and between them a niche, with a baroque sculpture of the town duke Nikola Marcella.
In 1975 reconstruction of Duke's palace was finished, and it allowed the museum to function to its present date.

The Šibenik Museum - Reviews

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