Gregory of Nin

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Over six meters tall, the statue of Gregory of Nin, by the sculptor Ivan Meštrović is a great pride of Split. Gregory of Nin is one of the best Meštrović's monuments. Simply styled clothing has a specific composition and rhythm, verticals noting the monumentality, and rounded upper parts the temperament of the figure.
Nin Bishop is significant to Croats because he was the main supporter of the Old Slavonic language and the Glagolitic alphabet. People believe in the legend about the statue, if they touch the big toe of his statue, it will bring good luck.

Mestrovic followed his gift to Split with a comment ... "Let Gregory of Nin is the Croatian north as the one in the south - Split, be visible proof of our successful fight for the Church Slavonic language and Croatian Glagolitic". The monument originally stood at the Peristyle until 1954. when placed in front of the north (Golden) Gate of Diocletian's Palace.

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