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Split - the largest Dalmatian city, the second largest port in Croatia, and the third to the Mediterranean by the number of passengers. It is assumed that in ancient times, in the area of ​​today's city center, there was a settlement Asphalatos / Spalatos. The origin of its name is derived from the plant broom that grows in abundance. The Greek name for it is aspalathos (ασπάλαθος) .By another theory which states Thomas the Archdeacon city's name is derived from the Latin word for palace of Diocletian (palatium = S palatium).

Split center is the old palace, over 1700 years old. Known worldwide for its beauty and hospitality, mostly because of the Diocletian's Palace, a unique example in the world, a UNESCO cultural heritage, which is still inhabited. If you find yourself in a position to speak to its residents, there is no doubt that you will hear that Split is "the most beautiful city in the world."

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